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11 Back To School Essentials: COVID-19 Edition

As we are still living in a pandemic, it’s crucial to keep precautions and be self-aware of the potential health risks we face during this time. Before going to school, make sure to be aware of new campus protocols!

  • Complete the COVID-19 Student Return Training on Blackboard 

  • Checking your schedule for any updates made of in-person or online courses


Some essentials for going back to school during COVID19:



Masks are the ultimate essential for going back to school in the fall. Be sure to keep this in your backpack or bag at all times. In my room, I made a mask hanger next to my door to keep track of all the masks I wear. Make sure your masks you wear are clean! 


Hand sanitizer for dorm & backpack 

It’s safe to have multiple hand sanitizers for your dorm and to carry in your backpack. The to-go sanitizers are easy and small to carry just in case you touch too many surfaces. According to the Health Site, our phones are dirtier than our public toilets. Even without COVID-19, be sure always to clean your phone!



Keeping a thermometer is a way to check yourself before and after you leave campus. If you are unaware, according to the CDC, a person has a fever if they are 100.4°F (38°C). It’s crucial for you to self check yourself, as a fever is one of the symptoms of COVID. Staying alert and aware to treat it can be beneficial for your health and others.



Vitamin D & C help fight COVID-19 and keep your immune system healthy. Buy products such as any liquids with Vitamin C packets and teas.  


Disinfecting Wipes

Since carrying hand sanitizers goes a long way, it’s safe to keep disinfecting wipes with you. These small packers help with cleaning your desk area and phone!


Antibacterial Soap

Softhand Soap, Dial, and Eczema Honey Soap are affordable and very safe for sensitive skin. Anytime during the day, I recommend washing your hands to decrease the risk of any unwanted bacteria.



Taking medicine will help you decrease any headaches or lousy stomach aches. I recommend ibuprofen pills for fevers or aches that help relieve the pain. If any allergies occur, take aspirin as it helps with sneezing. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) helps reduce any minor pain or fever, which helpful during this time. 



Electronically or not, planners are a must for any college student. It helps maintain tasks, homework dates, and club deadlines. 


Cleaning supplies

For your room, I recommend using Lysol to disinfect any surface areas, and Clorox as well for any areas that need sanitizing. Fabuloso is excellent for the floor because of the pleasant scent, and Windex to clean my mirror because of fingerprints. I recommend disinfecting surface areas before leaving home and coming back.   


Electronics or Notebook to take notes 

I suggest having a laptop to take notes during class in case your notebook gets lost, or any accidents happen. Right now, Apple offers college students a deal that allows them to buy a laptop or iPad a price reduction plus free AirPods. If you are the type of person to learn better with writing your notes, make sure to buy pens or pencils for any notes you might take. 



Light-weight backpacks are useful if you only carry a notebook, pens, and a computer. Some backpacks have built-in laptop pockets that come in handy if you don’t have a carry-on laptop sleeve.

I'm 19 years old currently a Sophmore at TAMUSA. My major is nursing, and I am writer for Her Campus TAMUSA.
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