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If your zodiac sign attended college it’s major would be…

Aries – Economics
HCM Design
Taurus – Business
Gemini – Communications
Cancer – Social Work
Leo – Perfromative Arts
Pose TV Series
Fox 21 Television Studios
Virgo – Pre-med
Libra – Education
Scorpio – Pyschology
Sagittarius – International Studies 
Capricorn – Computer Science
Aquarius – Political Science
Sign Immigrants make America Great
Pieces – Art
Hey I'm Sadie. You probably know more dogs with my name than people. I'm obsessed with Dutch Bros, Social Media, Videography, and sleeping. You can find me in the self help section of Barnes & Noble on Tuesdays from 5-7 P.M. Thanks and Gig-em! *thumbs up*
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