You Are Doing Everything Right

It seems that every day other people’s achievements are being showcased and praised, becoming a looming presence throughout our daily life due to constant comparison. These achievements are absolutely amazing for those people, for hard work is something to celebrate; however, so is everything else. Waking up in the morning is a reason to celebrate. Going for a walk is a reason to celebrate. Making another person smile is a reason to celebrate. Loving another person is a reason to celebrate. Finding a lucky penny is a reason to celebrate. And hearing your favorite song being played in the grocery store is a reason to celebrate. With social media being so prevalent in our daily lives, it is easy to feel as though you are “falling behind” or are a “failure” compared to those around you. But there is no such thing. We are all here to do one thing: live. Though living has different meanings to everyone, I’m using the term “living” in the most literal sense -to simply be alive. When the day we pass away comes, we will not be remembered for our 4.0 GPA semester during junior year of college or our 1.5 GPA semester. It seems like a huge deal right now. I understand. But in the grand scheme of things, it is minuscule compared to the other bearings of life. There is no race, there is no one more “successful” than you, there is no timeline we have to follow. If you find yourself consumed with anxiety and fear of the future, take a step back and remember that we are not put on this earth to achieve career goals, there is so much more. There is no correct way to live a life. So, just do your best. Be kind, and remember that by simply having air in your lungs, you are living the way you are supposed to, and everything else will fall into place.