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Hi and welcome to my latest article! As you can guess from the title, this article will cover the artist “Au/Ra.” I have been binging Au/Ra ever since I discovered her song “Assassin,” and I hope that by the time you finish reading this, you will, too!

Reason #1 – Her style is so unique! Through my experiences with Au/Ra’s music, I got a Billie Eilish/NEONI vibe. And I am addicted to both, so Au/Ra has fit in to my playlists perfectly. If you like Billie and/or NEONI, definitely give Au/Ra a try!

Reason #2 – Her Voice!!!! This woman is so talented, I don’t even know where to begin. The quality of her voice is soooooo good. Ugh, I am absolutely in love.

Reason #3 – Her songs just hit! They may be on the moodier side, but they are still incredible.

Now that you have three amazing reasons why you should stop sleeping on Au/Ra, you should definitely go and give her a listen!! You won’t regret it ;)

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