Why You Absolutely Need To Read #GIRLBOSS

If you haven’t read Sophia Amoruso’s first book, #GIRLBOSS, you are seriously missing out on some good sh*t.

For those of you who don’t know, Sophia Amoruso is the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal, one of the fastest growing online stores. Sophia is a young, fierce, badass entrepreneur that got her start through and Ebay store called Nasty Gal Vintage. She’s a very successful woman with an amazing story everyone should be familiar with.

Amoruso’s, #GIRLBOSS, is hilarious and captivating. She talks about her life pre Nasty Gal and her life after her brand began to really become popular. Throughout her entire book, she finds ways to give life and business advice in a kickass way that doesn’t put you to sleep or sound like one long, cheesy motivational speech.  She gets right to the point, and keeps it real. She also doesn’t make herself out to be something that she isn’t. She is the epitome of what a #GIRLBOSS is and obviously owns the fabulous and fierce attitude of Nasty Gal.

This book is riddled with inspiration. You will be kept up at three a.m. reading it. You will find that in one section, Amoruso says “By the end of the last chapter you’ll be practically screaming, ‘Where is some work!?! I want some work and I want to do it now!’” After reading that sentence, you might think, “Yeah right, she has to say that, she has to keep you hooked!” But by the end of the FIRST CHAPTER, inspiration will strike you harder than a freight train. Everyone should read this book. It’s not a self help book, it’s not about how to get into the fashion industry, but it’s the perfect motivational push for girls in college—or for any girl of any age. 

As a young woman in college, reading #GIRLBOSS will be a huge awakening and that’s why you need to go out and pick up a copy—there’s so much to learn from Sophia Amoruso and even more to learn about yourself!