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Hold on, what's the MCU?

For those that have lived their lives free of the superhero craze, the MCU is the acronym used to refer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an important distinction from just Marvel as the MCU has made many adjustments to the original comic book story arcs. The MCU -and Marvel in general- hosts heroes such as Spiderman, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Iron Man. (Compared to DC comics that host characters such as Superman and Batman.)

Okay, but what does Baskin Robbins have to do with it?

In a throwaway scene in Ant-Man, the pre-superhero and ex-convict Scott Lang briefly has a job at Baskin Robbins. The creator of the series on TikTok, @angelica_flo (https://www.tiktok.com/@angelica_fio?lang=en), used this to its full potential. She imagined a world where Lang stays at Baskin Robbins -despite being fired in the movie- and becomes manager to none other than Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. Moreover, she created a world where Parker, who keeps his superhero alter ego a secret and continues to pose as a regular teenager, gets a minimum wage job at the same ice cream shop. Silly, yes, but chock-full of shenanigans and content that’s sure to make the most stoic Marvel fan crack a smile.


this is a very elaborate headcanon me and my friend created and it’s 100% tru so #fyp #marvel #peterparker #samwilson #buckybarnes

♬ NOOOOOOOOOOO - Parker please stfu

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Although the employees are the ground this series is based on, the many appearances of Sam Wilson (the Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) is what gives it heart. Based on the premise that these two superheroes go into the ice cream shop to annoy Peter when he’s working and try to get free ice cream, Bucky and Sam’s shenanigans make this series whole. And from the point of view of a part-time service worker myself, it gets me every time.

My obsession with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier spurred my interest in this crazy world and these characters that kept me coming back. Not only does the writer create a strangely realistic dynamic between the three heroes, but she also promises things that the MCU could never. Things such as Squishmallow dealing, Alpine -Bucky’s beloved cat in the comics- and questionable Claire's piercings. 

It was real to me!

Why is the BRMCU so significant that it spurred an entire article? That’s hard to say, but if I had to give one reason, it would be because of the sheer joy it radiates. It’s a silly and happy -although maybe not for Peter and Scott sometimes- series that gives me all the found family that Marvel only half-delivers on. It’s refreshing to get more than 4 lines of dialogue that meld the characters together as more than just work friends. And the idea of Peter, Bucky, Sam, and Scott even being close enough to joke around with one another so frequently just brings me an extra spike of serotonin.

I highly recommend checking out the BRMCU for any Marvel fan who’s feeling a little down in the dumps from any residual Endgame or WandaVision feels. You can find the series on TikTok under the account @angelica_flo (https://www.tiktok.com/@angelica_fio?lang=en)!

Abbie Beckley is a junior English major with minors in Psychology and Classical Studies at Texas A&M University who loves reading, writing, playing music, and sleeping.
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