Why Texas Needs to #VoteForBeto

Throughout the last few years, controversy has followed various high-power, political figures in the US.

Despite being accused of sexual assault, mocking and humiliating women on national television and lying under oath (which is considered a federal offense, by the way), the men that hold the highest positions of power in America continue to thrive politically. 

Amidst the political treason and deception, one candidate has continued to impress the citizens of Texas by setting himself aside from the rest of ‘em through his values and priorities. Oh yeah, he also respects women, children, students, immigrants, all races and ethnicities and religions, and even people of different political parties (not something we’ve seen much of from our previous elected officials).

Beto O’Rourke, Democratic Party nominee in the 2018 Texas U.S. Senate race, running against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz, possesses the qualities every US politician should: sincerity, passion, and a power that seeks to unite. Not divide. 

Whether you have attended one of his town halls, watched him on late night talk shows, or seen his speeches on Twitter, it is undeniable that O’Rourke is deserving of winning the Senate race. 

Texas needs to vote for Beto because we need someone that is for ALL Texans, not just the conservatives in our state. Texas needs unity, something that is impossible with a divisive point of view on issues that affect a great number of Texas residents.

Better pay for teachers, granting citizenship for DREAMERS, calling for a prison reform, and speaking out about racial discrimination are just a few of the issues Beto has already addressed a multitude of times. He seeks to fight for the minorities, the oppressed, the overlooked. 

That is why we as a community and state need to Vote for Beto. He wants to bring an extremely divided country together. His goal is to unite and that is what we so desperately are in need of. Beto has brought light to tough issues that affect many of our fellow Texas residents. As unconventional as these values have become in this democracy, it does not take away from the fact that we require them. We need someone who can exemplify the qualities we should all possess, and Beto can do that for us. 

 These midterm elections can serve as our generation’s contribution to a more united, accepting state and country. America can’t be great again without inclusion, unity, and respect. So register to vote. Do your part, and #VoteForBeto.