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Why is waiting for grad school decisions so hard?

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I started applying for graduate school in September of last year. As expected, I procrastinated even though I’ve been planning out every detail since the summer. Because what else can you do when you’re afraid of the waiting game?

Many consider the statement of purpose or requesting letters of recommendation the hardest part of the application process. For me, it has been after I submitted that final document in early December at 11:59 pm. Waiting to hear back from your top school opens up the door for all forms of insecurities to creep in. Ever heard of imposter syndrome? 

The last few months of waiting have consisted of me checking the application portal every five minutes and refreshing the screen so many times I can’t even count that number on my own two hands. It has become quite unhealthy as it is the first thing that comes to mind when I tap snooze on my alarm. It is also the last thought before going to bed and basically has become my only personality trait.

It’s 12:23 am after what feels like 100+ days, and still, the waiting continues…

Lizette is a Communication major at Texas A&M University! She considers herself a devoted Harry Styles enthusiast, and her writing is inspired by her interests in music, fashion, cliché films, and celebrity culture.
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