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Why A&M Has You Feeling like a 2%-er This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

You love this school. Ever since you went to Fish Camp, the maroon Kool-Aid has been flowing through your veins. But for some reason, A&M just isn’t what it used to be. Maybe it is because corporation has started to trump tradition. We’re not really sure what is wrong, but something is just a little off this Fall 2017 Semester. Here is a list of big and small changes A&M and College Station have made in the past year.

The Hotel – As a Goodbull Hunting article put it, “Spend millions to rip out the soul of this campus in the name of corporate gains once, shame on you. Spend millions to rip out the soul of this campus in the name of corporate gains again across the street, shame on you again please stop doing that.”

Our Football Team – Ever since we took a hard fall from #4 last season, our football team continues to disappoint. Who is to blame? We aren’t sure. But win or lose, football season will always be the perfect excuse to tailgate. 

Speaking of Tailgating – The tailgates have moved all the way to West Campus. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We aren’t sure, but if you live on George Bush and can no longer walk to Game Day, we bet you don’t like it.

The Construction – Do we really need 10 new apartment complexes to be built every semester? Do we really need to close off the 2nd floor of Evans Library so it can be renovated? Do we really need essentially the same restaurants in different locations? At least Class of 2075 will get to enjoy all the renovations when they are finally complete.

Enrollment – Campus is over saturated. Need a place to sit at the library? The underground? Sbisa? The Annex? Good luck. Trying to find a parking spot is like competing in The Hunger Games. Nothing beats spending 2 hours at The Rec because you had to wait 10-20 minutes for every machine. Waiting in a line of cars for 15 minutes to leave Cain Parking garage after class is such a wild time. The next time someone asks you to describe A&M in two words just say, “Over Enrolled.”

Haven Training – Really…because Haven Training is going to stop sexual assault, violence and abusive relationships. More like Haven Training is one more hoop students have to jump through so they don’t end up getting blocked from registration and having a horrific class schedule. 

We understand what you’re trying to do A&M. You’re trying to make a great school even better. But maybe, just maybe it is fine the way it is.