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When You Spend All Day in Line for a Concert

I am what you call a concert junkie. I’ve been to 25 concerts, traveled all across Texas to see different artists, and I’m even going to North Carolina to see my favorite band in the summer with a few of my friends! So naturally, I go to extreme lengths when it comes to concert-going. I’ve arrived to venues the night before the show started, slept on the sidewalks of downtown Dallas in 30-degree weather during finals week to see The Neighbourhood (who, btw, just released an album), and made some of my best friends while at it. So, if you think you want to take on the concert-going life, I’ll give you some tips and a rundown of how spending your entire day in line goes.


1. You wake up before the sun is up, pack up your car with chairs, snacks, blankets, and games, and speed over to the venue, because you know all of the other crazy fans have the exact same idea as you. Tip #1: For bigger artists with crazier fans, it might be wise to arrive the night before or at least super early in the morning. I showed up to The Neighbourhood in Dallas at 9 P.M. and still wasn’t first in line.


2. You get to the venue, set your stuff down in line, and mark your territory.


3. You make friends! Since you’ll be waiting in line for approximately 10 or more hours, try talking to the other people in line with you. You all obviously like the same music, so bond over that.Tip #2: Making friends with the people around you can be really beneficial when you need to go to leave the line for a bit (going to the restroom and eating are really the only acceptable reasons to leave the line) so they can hold your spot and protect your stuff.


4. The band eventually shows up, and everyone freaks out.

Tip #3: Don’t go up to them and try to take a picture with them unless they let you know it’s okay. Most of the time they need to get their equipment set up and do a sound-check, so let them do their jobs so they can make your show great!


5. You get tired, realize you’ve been up for hours, and take a well deserved nap.Tip #4: Wear comfy clothes in line and just change in the bathroom later. Comfy clothes make it easy to take a nap. This is also where the blanket comes in.


6. You wake up for your nap and realize it’s lunch time! Order some food to make sure you have enough fuel to pop off during the show.Tip #5: Favor is a really cool app where you can get food delivered to you. If you want, sign up with the code NADIG8P, and help me get some credit for free food. You’ll get some credit for using it too.


7. Time has gone by and now it’s time to get ready! Go put on your cutest outfit and make the entire line shook. Tip #6: Do NOT wear open toed shoes at a general admission concert. Your feet will get stepped on and it will make your experience terrible.


8. DOORS HAVE OPENED! It’s time to go inside the venue and secure your spot on the barricade.Tip #7: Don’t run. Just speedwalk. (Unless security isn’t watching. If they’re not, sprint.) I’ve seen people get held back to the very end of the line because they decided to run into the venue. Be smart!


9. Enjoy the show! Your waiting has come to an end and now you can have fun!

I hope these tips help you, and you have a great time! Pop off, girl!

Howdy! My name is Nadia Lynn Garcia. I am the President and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Texas A&M University! I love music, concerts, travel, and graphic design, but my articles can tell you a little more about that. ;)
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