What You Can Expect From Harry Styles’ Unreleased Album That Broke Twitter

Unlike many other fans who mourned the One Direction hiatus, I found myself excited (shocking! I know) watching Harry Styles' creative growth in regard to his music-making abilities. As a solo artist, he has explored different music styles with his solo album debut, and it has allowed him to express himself through classic rock. The HS1 era was a time of experimentation in different musical territories. He needed to find himself as a solo artist, and figure out what type of music he wanted to create moving forward. As his first tour came to an end (which believe me was the most magical time for any Harry stan), it left fans and the public wondering what his second album would sound like. As expected from his $80 million record deal with Columbia Records (we love a rich man), the record label has confirmed three albums, but the release dates of them remain unclear. Another unknown fact is the musical route he would take on albums two and three. Would he continue to follow the path of writing rock ballads?

During his time off from touring and music-making, Harry kept himself busy, as one of the co-chairs of the Met Gala along with artists like Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, etc. As a fashion icon, Harry's outfit (which trust me did not disappoint) was one of the many anticipated Camp themed looks. According to Vogue, "while the world anticipates how Harry Styles' second album might sound, his Met Gala look is a major hint at how things might look." Contrary to the sparkly and colorful apparel he wore during Harry Styles Live on Tour, Harry wore an all-black look by Gucci, which consisted of black trousers, heeled boots, and a sheer blouse. While his Met Gala look featured, what are considered aspects of feminine fashion, the entire look focused on the black attire and hinted at a potential darkness on his second album HS2. Therefore, leaving the soft image of the pink self-titled album behind. 

Many know Harry for his perplexing tweets that often leave his twitter followers wondering what he’s thinking. This time it was no different. After he posted a mysterious one-word tweet that read "Do", many fans questioned whether the tweet had any relation to new music. Instantly, stan twitter began to conspire of dates for the release of the highly anticipated second album. A few days later an Australian fan noticed a poster in the streets signed with TPWK, Harry’s brand, and she linked it back to him as a potential promotion. It imposes the complex statement that made me question my existence "Do You Know Who You Are?" Fans across the globe searched the streets (sadly there was not one in Texas, trust me I looked) in hopes to find one, and many major cities such as LA and Beverly Hills had the posters that announced what could be a potential single. An NYC poster was strategically placed right next to Holland Tunnel on Hudson St. & Spring St. bringing tribute to Kiwi (if you know, you know). As expected, stan twitter flooded with theories, and there was speculation that he might release music within a few days.

The date October 10th was monumental in the Harry Styles fandom because it was the start of a new era. International fans, specifically in Sweden and South Africa, noticed that Harry’s name appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, and it confirmed that there would be a release of new music that night (let me tell you I was going through it). Later that night on YouTube, the music video premiered for his new single "Lights Up." The psychedelic-like visuals of the music video portrayed a carefree Harry as he dances within a group of people (did I mention he’s shirtless and having the time of his life) where he expresses not wanting to go back after he appears to find and define himself. As the intriguing video continues, he rides on the back of a motorcycle (literally what can this man not do) where he appears liberated and enjoys a newly discovered side of himself. He officially says his goodbyes to the HS1 era in the music video as the "old" Harry drowns in pink water. Throughout the sensual video, the portrayal of his persona changes the perspective of what the second album could be regarding the music style and meaning.

Although no announcements have been made about the second album, the single clarifies that it will be nothing like his first album. "Lights Up" takes an R&B like approach when it comes to music style, but he incorporates choral attributes in the song's bridge (it almost reminds me of Sign of the Times in certain parts which is up to debate). Even as Harry expands his musical horizons, he makes sure to not leave out those peculiar aspects of his writing style that make his songs eccentric, and true ‘Harry Styles’ songs. The single on its own has received a good response from the public as "Lights Up" has already surpassed "Sign of the Times" and has “debuted at #3 on the Global Spotify Chart with over 4.66 million streams,” the single has received a positive response from not only fans but also the public. Because Harry likes to release music at the most unexpected times (he loves to freak us out), there could be a new album within a few weeks (this is not a drill HS2 is on its way!) or an announcement for his second world tour in the next few days. Since the album title has not been confirmed yet, the only thing that harries can do is wait and see what other surprises Harry might have in store for them. Stream "Lights Up" by Harry Styles on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube!