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What Hobby You Should Pick Up Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We are all about to spend a lot of time at home. Here are some hobbies you should try based on your zodiac sign. Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Aries: Hiking

Aries love being spontaneous! This may be a little more difficult now that social isolation is a thing. Keep some adventure in your life by finding a safe, secluded trail. Fall in love with Mother Nature.

Taurus: Cooking

Take up cooking! Everyone loves food, but you LOVE food. Learn how to make your favorite meal and maybe put a little more pizzazz on it. 

Gemini – Start that podcast

Yeah, we know. You have a million hobbies and love talking about them. Start a podcast detailing about how your self isolation is going.

Cancer: Gardening

Get some plant babies and start your own little family. Cancers are nurturing and deeply loving. If you cant have actual friends around you, plant friends are definitely the second best option.

Leo: Learn all of the tik tok dances

This is your time to shine leo. Performing is your passion. You are destined to become tik tok famous during this quarantine. 

Virgo: Caligraphy 

Virgos are incredibly detail oriented. You should totally start a bullet journal! Lettering is so fun and it is also an artistic outlet. Detail in the journal how self isolation is making you feel, and keep up to date with all of your tasks. 

Libra: Netflix party

Okay libra, I know this quarantine is not going to be easy for you, as libras are natural socialites. Have a virutal Netflix party with all of your friends. Who said girls nights are cancelled? 

Scorpio: Tarot

Scorpios are naturally intuitive. They can read people like a book. A scorpio would be the perfect person to turn their interest into the direction of reading tarot cards. Study the cards and practice reading your friends, if they allow you to of course. 

Sagittarius: Writing

Have you always had an idea for a book? Maybe you’ve always wanted to make music. Put your writing skills to use these next few months, Sagittarius. Do some creative writing exercises to help boost you into a creative headspace. 

Capricorn: Arts and Crafts

Capricorns love staying indoors, so self isolation should not be very hard for them. Begin a creative arts project such as drawing and or painting! You can even start knitting or making jewelry. Maybe in the end it can turn into a business.

Aquarius: Video games

That’s right. You heard me. It’s time to play the sims for 12 hours a day. Just kidding don’t play that much. Aquarians love all things technology, so surf the web or start playing a new game. 

Pisces: Reading

Pisces love being alone so curling up with a good book throughout self isloation time would not be hard. Learn some new things, or drift into fantasy land. With books the options are endless. 

Of course this was just for fun! Do whatever makes you feel fulfilled during this odd time of life. Stay healthy!

Hey I'm Sadie. You probably know more dogs with my name than people. I'm obsessed with Dutch Bros, Social Media, Videography, and sleeping. You can find me in the self help section of Barnes & Noble on Tuesdays from 5-7 P.M. Thanks and Gig-em! *thumbs up*
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