We're So Different, My Love

The difference is astonishing, my love.

Our temperament, ideals, and standards are opposing forces.

I, a ball of fire; You, a dove.

Our beauty, eyes, lips, even our voices.

Nothing is the same except this one feeling: love.


We are opposing by nature, even down to our signs.

But this difference doesn’t have to be a hundred-pound anchor.

I am the flower on your ever-giving vine.

You are the place I run to when I am lost, my harbor.


If I am a star, then you are the sun, forever shining brighter.

You are the light in my waking darkness.

You, the muse; I, the writer.


Will this difference allow our love?

Can we love when we are opposing forces?

Nothing is alike, even down to our voices.

We’re so different, my love.