This Week's Campus Celebrity, Dillon Garner!

Meet this week’s campus celebrity, Dillon Garner, a computer science major from Amarillo. Garner, 20, is a sweet, down-to-earth guy who is involved in many organizations here at Texas A&M, including MSC Town Hall, Texas A&M’s student radio station, KANM, and Fish Camp!

Fish Camp is a four day, three night camp to help incoming freshmen transition into college life and it’s something Garner has been a part of for two years now. As part of being a counselor for one of Texas A&M’s biggest traditions, Garner puts his all into making sure his freshmen in his Discussion Group feel like “a small little family,” and that he’s here to help them throughout their time here at A&M.

“We strive to create an atmosphere for freshmen to teach them about the school traditions and how it’s okay to put themselves out there,” Garner says. 

He’s also the music director and host of his own show on the student radio station, KANM. As music director, it’s his responsibility to reach out to record labels for music to air on their station, although he looks for something you wouldn’t regularly hear on any other station, like alternative or indie bands.

“I want to expose people to other kinds of music… I’m really into music and Bryan has such a great music scene, so searching out for local bands is something I enjoy,” he says

Along with looking for new music to air on KANM, Garner also searches for bands to perform here at Texas A&M for MSC Town Hall!

“I’m a part of a subcommittee called Lunch Box, and we bring local bands to perform at Rudder Tower next to the MSC every other Thursday,” Garner says. 

When he’s not out searching for new bands or reaching out to record labels for KANM or MSC Town Hall, Garner usually likes to just chill out on his spare time, or even play the drums! Being involved in so many organizations could be time consuming and stressful for anyone, but that’s not the case here!

“Being in so many organizations basically is part of my free time because I have so much fun doing it and my friends are in them too!”, he says. 


You can catch Dillon during his KANM shows on Wednesdays at 10pm!