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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

I hope that everyone has heard the phrase: “Walking is good for digestion.” After every meal I ate with my family, my mom would repeat this phrase and lead us outside for a 20 minute walk. Although it was not looked forward to every time, or I just did not want to go because my mom was telling me to do so, walking turned out to be one of the best things for me. Living in College Station on my own, I have turned to walking as a form of stress release and a booster for my serotonin levels. Even more than the calming quality of walking is proven over and over as a great way to stay healthy and something fun that you can do with friends! If you are new to anywhere then walking is a great, fun, healthy and completely cost-free way to explore a town. If you are from College Station or live here then you know how beautiful the weather gets, and there are unlimited trails to get your steps in! Below are trails and parks that I would definitely check out in Bryan, College Station if you have some free time.

1. John Crompton Park

I found this park out of location convenience, and I have not stopped coming back. If I want some alone time or relaxation with friends, this is my go-to spot. Not only can you find a walking trail, but you can also spot old Ags fishing in the pond, dogs chasing around the colorful geese, and casual basketball games to join in on. If I am not in the mood to be around a ton of people, there are secret trails and picnic tables that rest in the sun away from the noises of the outside world.

2. Aggie Park

Aggie Park is a given park for anyone that knows about Texas A&M. It is a newer park right next to the giant Aggie Ring! This area has a loop around the lively center of the park which includes games of volleyball, football, club meetings, and even an ice cream shop! If you are an extroverted person or just enjoy being around people then this will be your happy place.

3. Bee Creek park

Come here if you are a big nature go-getter. Not only are the trails beautifully surrounded by trees, but the trail connects all the way to Lemon Tree Park so that you get two in one! They also have a quaint and cute playground if you want to go down the slide and stretch your legs after!

4. Lake Bryan

Wether you want to lay out and tan or run around, Lake Bryan is an awesome place to go to on a sunny day. You can walk or run around the trail, hop in the water to cool down, or sunbathe on the grassy field. This place is amazing to visit on any weekend or day, and if you are craving a lake day then you will get your fix.

5. Little Lake Creek lOOP

This loop is one to check out if you are wanting something more difficult. Little Lake is a 12.9 mile loop in an outstanding forest and begins at Trailhead #1. For sure bring water and snacks with you on this one. It is a rewarding hike and definitely will get you to sleep at night!

I am a General Studies major at Texas A&M University. Previous jobs include sales manager at Juiceland and Bad Burrow Works. I took dual enrollment classes at Savannah School of Art and Design, where I received two academic scholarships. I plan on pursuing a career in Communications and Marketing.