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Tori’s Declassified: Northgate Survival Guide

Picture this: It’s Thursday night, you are in bed and thinking about class the next day when all of a sudden you remember tomorrow is F- R- I- D- A- Y! You close your eyes and hope sleeping will make the time go by a lot faster and the next thing you know, it’s Friday morning.

You get up, get dressed, and are finally ready to seize the day. You are just so focused on the clock striking the time you finish with class because you can now go and have fun (and I think we all know what I mean even though our parents may not approve, sorry Mom and Dad). You’re so pumped to finally leave campus. It’s sunny, 75 degrees out, you have your windows down, blasting the music to some Nickelback, life is GREAAAAAAAT!

Your phone starts ringing because it’s Becky with the good hair calling to ask if you wanted to go grab some margs at Chimy’s. You stop and realize “wow, I have never been to Chimy’s.”

So I am just gonna stop this all right here because I am about to give you a list of 12 FANTASTIC spots to hit up to enjoy your Friday nights (or any night) at Northgate.  



Chimy’s is THE spot to go to start your night off right! Their margs are DELICIOUS and are at such a great price! They have daily deals on margs, shooters, shots, and beers! Not only do they supply the goods, BUT they also have food. Yeah, you heard right… FOOOOOOOOOD!

Their nachos are prime as well as everything else on their menu. If were rating this, we will definitely give this place a 10/10!



A turtle that’s tipsy? No sweetie, that’s you! They’re shots are AMAZIIIIING! They have a variety of shots on their menu and some that they can make for you if you just ask the bartenders politely. They have $3.25 pickle shots! Before you sit there and say “Ew,” give this delicious shot your time of day, and I promise you will not look back especially because of that amazing price!



Paddock’s is always bumpin’! The music is always good, and it never fails that you will have a good time! Their special drink Friday nights are their fish bowls! They are HALF-PRICE until midnight. They are full of all things sugary, and you will probably regret it the next morning, but I can promise you that you won’t be when you’re chugging from that fish bowl!



Your local Irish pub and tbh, it is GREAT! I personally enjoy drinking beer and find trying different types of beer fun. So if you are a beer drinker and want to try a variety of beers, this a great place to go. I took my first ever Irish car bomb there and it was amazing and although I definitely recommend that, it isn’t for everyone. Their mint chocolate chip shot is like HEAVEN in your mouth, so that I will recommend, I guess just how I am with everything else (hehe).



The Backyard is always a great time. They have an outside area where people can sit, talk, and they even have giant sized beer pong for people to play, which by the way I always seem to lose. Anyways, they have an inside area with a downstairs and upstairs. You most definitely want to be upstairs! The DJ is up there, there’s a disco ball, and it’s honestly where all the fun and dancing is. The Backyard has always been good to me and will always be a spot to go to!



I cannot express my love for this place. Since I turned 21, this place has been almost a home to me. Their shot menu is NEVER ENDING and is absolutely DELICIOUS! The bartenders are always so nice and are willing to lend a helping hand in deciding which shots to get. Here’s a little challenge for you: try every shot on the menu before graduating. I am currently doing that and my taste buds have definitely developed (LOL).



 If you and your friends are still feeling risky and want to somewhat get something fun to take the edge off, SAKE BOMBS! This place is always so much fun! There is a whole list of different sake bombs to take and if you’re with the right people, you will not regret it (okay, maybe the next day). The bartenders are always so nice and are willing to get the perfect snap for your story. 10/10 recommend this place to anyone who has not tried it yet!



I honestly have not started going to this place until recently and tbh, I don’t know why I hadn’t before! They have SOOOOO many specials on shots and especially their teas! On Tuesday nights, they have $2.75 teas. YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY, $2.75! If you’re like me and love the night life but have to ball on a budget, this place is definitely the place for you. Also, starting on Thursday’s, they have a $3 special on any single. So that means your absolutely delicious cherry vodka sour will be yours for ONLY $3! Any double, which on the weekends include their teas for $6 and that my friends is not bad whatsoever. Mad Hatters knows what’s up and have given us broke college kids a chance.



Not only do they have delicious drinks, BUT their food menu is AMAZING! This place is definitely one to go to at night but also during the day. Have your Sunday Fun-days at The Corner with their upstairs outside area where you can sit, watch T.V., listen to music, but the best part is being able to get a better view of the city we all call home.



“Foundie’s” as we tend to call it will always be known as the place to go to if you are wanting to end a great night with even more greatness. They have specials during the week as well as on the weekends. My friends and I always end up buying a bottle of champagne, which is $20, but split it between a few people, a cheap YET sophisticated drink to have. The music is ALWAYS good and they will hit you with some throwbacks that will take you back to when you were going on a family vacation, staring out your window, pretending to be in a Black Eyed Peas music video. Some may claim they do not like this place, but once the clock strikes 12:30 A.M., everyone seems to flock over. 20/10 recommend this place!!



This historic landmark has been around since 1974 and has been THE hangout for many former and current students. They have a variety of beers, cocktails, and an endless menu of food that is just greatness in your mouth. The Tijuana fries are my go to and even though keto szn is here, this is definitely my top choice for a little cheat cheat. They also have dominos to play, pool tables, and beers for days! This place is a must for all Aggies and Aggie friends and family. Next to the Chicken, we have Bottlecap Alley, which is an alley literally filled with nothing but bottle caps. Some have been there for years and others have just been tossed in there last night. This alley along with the Chicken has many memories to it and will have many more for the years to come.


Last but not least, we have my personal favorite, the famous Logies. Logies is my second home and I absolutely love every chance I get to go to my happy place. They have great music that you can belt out with your friends, songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen which is a total banger, Hinder, Nickelback, songs you don’t even remember existed. They have a bunch of shot deals as well as beer specials. They have $5 chugger specials on any domestic beers. So many of my favorite memories have been at this place, and I can’t wait to make many, MANY more here before graduating. And that friends is one of the MANY reasons why I love Logie’s.


And there you have it, folks! Just my expertise on fun places to have a fabulous time at Northgate from a senior in college trying to enjoy every minute before leaving this city we all know and truly love.  Spread these words of wisdom to your friends and show them that you definitely know how to have a GREAT time! Enjoy, have fun, and be responsible! Thanks and Gig ‘Em!


Senior at Texas A&M University majoring in Spanish with a minor in Communications. You can catch me hanging out with friends, writing, listening "Crime Junkie" podcasts, or shopping! Writing is my form of relaxing, so take a seat, click the links, and relax with me!
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