Top Ten Songs of My Junior High Life

2008— I was in my junior high prime. Beyoncé was quickly rising as the queen we know today, the Jo Bros had my heart, but all I could do was think of what I'd do when I grew up (I want to be famous. I want to be a star. I want to have groupies.). Who else thought it said boobies? Cause we all wanted those in middle school for sure.

Here are the Top 10 Songs of My Junior High Life:

1. A Milli by Lil Wayne

Because I thought cuss words were so cool back then.

2. Love in this Club by Usher

Had I ever been to a club? No. Did I have any clue what making love in da club meant? Heck noooooo!

3. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

I had no idea who this lady was. At first, I thought this was a weird song and chick, but it grew on me and became one of my favorite songs ever. I was even Lady GaGa for Halloween that year. 

4. Shake It by Metro Station

Forget T. Swift's Shake It off… this the OG of shaking it.

5. Single Ladies by Beyoncé

Basically, all of the I Am...Sasha Fierce album was my jam. I was so in love, and am probably even more now!

6. Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield 

This song was annoying, but it was sure catchy. 

7. Viva La Vida by Coldplay 

Yep, I used to rule the world back in junior high too Coldplay. 

8. Womanizer  by Britney Spears

Yassss! I love Britney so much. She finally got out of her troubled/bald with this song. Now, I know I can get through anything because of her. Thank you Brit for making such a strong comeback! 

9. Low by Flo Rida

THIS IS MY JAM! AND Still is. Forever wanting apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. I'm pretty sure this is where "twerking" began. 

10. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis 

Me crying my eyes out because I was such an “emotional” teenager, and totally knew what love was all about. 


Junior High was fun and all, but thank the Lord for puberty. Am I right? If you want to listen to these awesome songs, just play this 2008 Hits Spotify Playlist