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1. For the King

For the King is a computer game that can host up to 3 players. It’s a dice rolling game where players fight monsters, basically like a board game on the computer. The special elements include the multiplayer aspect and the board game feel. The graphics are not too gory so people of all ages and personalities can enjoy the game. One downside to the game is that once you lose, you have to restart the whole game. Another downside is that the game is consistently very similar. It does not change very much, however, other games like Marvel Snap have more varieties and differences in what can happen in a game.

2. Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is a switch game so you have to own a switch and buy the game to play. This makes it a little more difficult to play this game compared to Marvel Snap or other mobile games – typically everyone has a mobile cellphone rather than a switch. Again, superhero elements bring a fun element for people of all ages. The remote controller aspect gives a new feel to a video game and can be inspiring. It is a fighting game which also adds excitement to the game and adrenaline. Super Smash Bros also does not have very much variety. There are a lot of characters but the game is just two characters fighting and there aren’t that many other alternate game modes.

3. Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a mobile phone game with great graphics and can be entertaining for marvel and non-marvel lovers. It is a strategy game with cards that have special effects. Each card has a number associated to it and the number can get larger or smaller. The goal is to have the highest number on the 3 lanes. To win, you have to win 2 out of 3 lanes in the game. There are 6 turns in a game and sometimes 7. The 3 lanes have a description that can alter the game drastically such as “all cards cost more” or that some “numbers double”.

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