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‘Tis The Season For Spring Cleaning: Tips On How To Refresh Your Home

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Spring is the time where we can enjoy the little things that we can never enjoy later in the year. In Texas, it’s where you’ll start seeing wildflowers blooming along with the state’s flower, bluebonnets, expanding across the great lone star state. However, with something so beautiful growing during this sprouting season, it’s also the time to start thinking about cleaning and tidying up your home.

Here are some tips on how to get a head start for a fresher home:

1. sWEEP

Though it might not seem like a big difference, trust me when I say that sweeping can do wonders. You don’t really see how dirty your floors are until you gather all the dirt into a pile. Just knowing that your floors are clear from any tracked in dust and dirt can make you feel 10x better.

2. Mop

I generally like mopping right after sweeping because it adds that final touch of pristine cleanliness to your floors, but the main reason I enjoy mopping is the best smelling, long lasting aroma of Pinalen drifting throughout your place. There’s nothing quite like the scent of pinecones that helps the whole room smell fresh.

3. Dust

Many people forget the importance of the simple duty of dusting. Most of the time, we tend to spend majority of our time indoors at our home. During the spring, dusting is crucial, especially to those that are home bodies because ignoring dusting can promote dust mites and built up pollen from outside. By simply doing the task of dusting, you are improving your air quality tremendously and maintaining a healthy environment.

4. Vacuum

If you’re a person who has carpet in their home, you need to vacuum! It may not seem like much, but vacuuming can do a lot. Dust does not discriminate any surface. Carpet collects dust and dirt, two of the worst combinations. I like using a carpet odor powder to absorb the smell, and it adds a nice fragrance throughout my home.

5. Wipe down sURfaces

I like using a multi purpose cleaner because you can literally use it for anything. I typically use it for wiping down all surface areas minus wooden furniture. Wiping down your surfaces just makes you feel cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed when your friends come over and you have cup stains spread across your coffee table.

6. Other

Spring cleaning is composed of many other spotless components than the ones listed, but this is a guided list to help you begin the process of cleaning. Some other duties can be: decluttering, washing your sheets, removing expired products from the fridge, rearranging your furniture (because why not), cleaning your mirror, etc.

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