Thoughts Every Girl Has on Game Day

Game day. Some people live for it, some people couldn't care less. It’s the reason you have the outline of your Kendra Scott necklace semi-permanently sunburnt into your chest and the reason your GPA is higher in the spring semester. Not everyone experiences game day the same way, but here is game day from an Aggie’s perspective:

When you wake up on game day:

“Is it game day or Christmas?" They are basically the same thing.

When your temporary face tattoo messes up your makeup:

“I can fix this. I can fix this. I can’t fix this.”

When you thought Uber-ing to Kyle Field would be a good idea:

"Did I really just give $20+ to John, the Uber driver?” Here are the alternative means of transportation you came up with while you were sitting in game day traffic: walking, bicycling, personal helicopter, private jet, horse.

 When you see someone wearing the wrong shade of maroon:

“We are the Aggies and the Aggies are maroon, not crimson, not burgundy, not red, but MAROON. So, your maroon outfit better be maroon.”

When you see your crush at the tailgates:

“Should I say hi? I mean, we aren’t dating. We're only talking. I should say hi. Fine, I’ll say hi. He looks so cute in his Texas A&M embroidered polo."

When you see your friends on game day:

“Let’s take pictures!”

When taking pictures with your friends:

“I hope my butt looks good in this denim skirt.”

When you tailgate too hard:

“Why do these hamburgers and hot dogs suddenly look so good? Come to mama.”

When you’re walking into the stadium:

“Please, don’t notice that my bag isn’t clear. Why are there so many people here? Why is this line so long? Where is my ticket? Campus really needs to reduce enrollment.”

When you still don’t know the words to the yells:

“At least I can do my wildcat at the end. Crap, I missed it.” You tried.

When the boy standing next to you tries to kiss you after a touchdown:

“Maybe if I don’t make eye contact he won't try to kiss me…oh no, oh gross. Why are his lips sweaty?”

When it's only half-time and you’re ready to leave:

“Can *insert name of ‘Red Ass’ friend* please shut up?!” It’s not your fault it’s a million degrees outside and A&M didn’t invest in outdoor air conditioning during the Kyle Field renovation.


When the Aggies lose:

“I’m so glad I left at half-time.” 

When the Aggies win:

“We’re going to Northgate tonight. Time to celebrate. Gig’em!”


When you remember all of the assignments you have due on Sunday:

“I’m still going to Northgate tonight.”