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Things I Will NOT Miss After Graduating From Texas A&M

I've spent 4 years a part of the Twelfth Man, and while I’ve loved my time here, there are definitely some things about Texas A&M I’m ready to say goodbye to. Here’s my non-exhaustive list of what I won’t be missing after May 2021.


  1. Walking through Rudder Plaza and having a FLO or SLO solicit me even though I’m way too old for their organizations

    One time a guy in a FLO yelled at me that he knew I could hear him through my headphones. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE

  2. HECC

    Everything about HECC is a nightmare. The bathroom is a war zone. It smells weird inside. The trees outside of HECC are nice to see, but I will not be missing this Brutalist masterpiece. 

  3. Panda Express in the downstairs of the MSC

    I loved going there as a freshman for the social aspect, but let’s be honest, the line was RIDICULOUS. The food was...questionable. And there was always something sticky on the tables in the MSC basement. 

  4. The color khaki

    I'm looking at you, Corps of Cadets. Khaki is not a flattering color. And having to see it constantly across campus has made me really abhor the color! The green uniforms are cute though, keep up the great work. 

  5. The Evans Starbucks line

    Evans Starbucks is my vice. I would die for Evans Starbucks, but would Evans Starbucks die for me? I have definitely wasted precious study time waiting in line for an iced coffee, a wait time that isn’t rivaled by any other coffee shop I’ve ever been to. While I’ll miss the ambiance, I will NEVER miss the line for coffee.

  6. S*lly

    #LockHimUp! It is a huge disappointment that, after Black students shared their grievances of having a Confederate statue on campus, all TAMU did was put a fence around him. Instead, they should be enacting real change or simply moving it away from a central part of campus. Do better, TAMU. Listen to ALL of your students and not just your rich white donors.  

  7. People who ride bikes

    Why do freshmen act like they’re in the Tour de France speeding past you on their bike? Especially when they ignore dismount zones like Rudder Plaza. I honestly think people need to start doing bike training, so we can get those crazies off the sidewalk. I would never make it to Amsterdam. 

  8. Signing up for Spanish classes

    The Department of Hispanic Studies seems to have a personal vendetta against students. I’ve loved my professors and my curriculum. But as a Spanish minor, it has been a HEADACHE all four years trying to get into the Spanish classes I need. I have friends in other majors and minors that have had so much trouble getting into their classes for some departments, too. I won’t miss TAMU admin throwing their students to the wolves when it comes time to sign up for classes. 

  9. Nobody using the revolving doors at Evans

    I'm guilty of this as well, but it’s because of my legitimate fear of revolving doors. If signs are saying: please use the revolving doors, why does nobody do it? Could Freud explain this? 

  10. Keller Cox

    I don’t know him personally, and I bet he’s a good person, but something about that dude scares me. I hope his music career goes well, though. I think the Yell Leaders just scare me in general. 

  11. Seeing 19 year olds get engaged

    I think some cases make sense for people to get married early, but so much of TAMU culture really pressures people to meet The One and immediately get engaged. While I’m not saying that never happens, I definitely think this forces people to rush into relationships without fully knowing what they want or expect. And then, they find themselves 6 years down the road with fully developed frontal lobes and different wishes within marriage that their partner just isn’t capable of adjusting to. It’s OK if you graduate and aren’t married, I PROMISE. That boy you met in POLS 207 is probably not your soulmate!

  12. Walking through West Campus and seeing Them

    You know who They are, the business majors. They terrify me when they talk about Deloitte, and EY, and KPMG, or whatever. And don’t get me started on how much they complain about accounting! The only good thing TAMU has done is banish them to the Wild West, business majors you will not be missed. 


*Bonus of what I WILL miss

Benjamin Schrader #SCHRADERNATION. We will never have another party promoter like him.

Howdy! I am a Senior International Studies major on the Politics & Diplomacy track with a minor in Spanish. I write articles for readers to learn (and laugh) from my experiences, but also to connect with other college women at Texas A&M. I love to travel, write, paint, and spend time with friends!
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