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“Hey sexy lady, I like your flow…”

Before this year, we might’ve heard this song and just kept bopping our heads to it and not thinking of anything in particular. Now in 2023, we hear the song and think of the Pedro Pascal edit by @dvcree on TikTok from his character in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This edit not only has over 27 million views, but the young editor himself also got an opportunity to be interviewed for an article as a result of his wave of popularity. This edit additionally inspired the SNL episode with the Pedro Pascal as well starring in a skit about fan-made edits.That edit alone inspired thousands of individuals to stream more of Pedro Pascal’s interviews and movies, and fused into real world entertainment. It’s hard to comprehend just how impactful fandom and editing culture has always been, and the effects we are seeing in the media today are more prevalent than ever. This is just one perspective of the domino effects editors have on marketing capabilities that they don’t even do intentionally, yet it seems to have some of the strongest underrated outcomes in different forms of media from views to streams. 

Pedro Pascal edit by dvcree on TikTok

“Oh naur, Cleor!” Heard that phrase before? It is in reference to the one and only childhood show, H2O: Just Add Water. A fun little TikTok trend poking fun at the characters’ Australian accents took off. Fans who grew up watching the show seemed to have their love for these mermaids re-lit as they shared their stories of rewatching the series on streaming platforms. Phoebe Tonkin, AKA the Cleor in question, has even acknowledged this viral trend and embraced it. Not only did these videos remind the fans of their childhood, but it also inspired video editors to edit this show more frequently. Yes! There is still an H2O fandom out there as proven by editors! 

One dive into the #H2OEdit hashtag will find you drowning in some amazing edits. It is crazy to conceptualize how one silly little video that blew up followed by added influence by editors reminded an entire generation of a show they once loved. Not to mention the new fans this must have created as a result. We gloss over how this is a direct result of fandom behavior. Unintentional marketing and highlighting of a show consistently through an entire subculture can move mountains in the world of media no matter the form it may take. 

Phoebe Tonkin interview by 10newsfirst on TikTok

There are countless more examples of how fandom and editing culture is so prevalent today. People who partake in these activities do it out of their own creative abilities and continue to share their work due to the strong fandom community ties they make along the way. Without editors, where would half the hype be to market some fan-favorite TV shows or movies? Where would SNL get some of their fun skit ideas? Where would actors find a new niche way to connect with their fans? The world-building created is no thanks to the many, typically underaged and unemployed individuals, who spend their free time enjoying this hobby and passion. They deserve to get an individual thank you note from producers and musicians for how much they have changed the game in the media and continue to keep the lights on from the comfort of their own homes. 

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