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The Best Thing I’ve Learned in College So Far

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

At some point or another, it’s hard to not feel alone especially when you’re immersing yourself in a completely new environment. Over the past year, I’ve had to learn how to enjoy spending time with myself and understand I’m not alone in the crazy journey that is college.

Starting my freshman year of college a year ago was the first time in my life where I experienced living alone. My parents were two hundred miles away at home, and a lot of my high school best friends were off at various schools. I was living in an apartment with two other strangers who just so happened to be best friends which totally didn’t feel awkward at all, but I was excited for this change in my life and a fresh start where I could learn more about myself and create memories I will always look back on. Once classes were in full speed and the excitement wore off, I began to really feel the loneliness. The truth is, I had never spent so much time with myself before. It was kind of weird. Walking to class, eating lunch, coming back home from school were all normal tasks I would do before, but the big difference was that I was doing them with just myself now. 

It took a lot of practice and patience, but the best thing I possibly could have learned this past year is how to be a friend to myself. Giving myself a pep talk, reasoning through whether I should buy Starbucks for the third time this week, and just cheering myself on and celebrating the little things has allowed me to feel more positive overall. It’s also allowed me to change my outlook on the concept of being alone. Being by myself is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t have to make me feel down like it did before. Sometimes having a meal alone or going on a solo Target run allows me to check in on myself and see how things are going. I’ve been able to take more time to reflect on my mental health and figure out what works best for me. 

College is a big adjustment, and you’re not going through it alone, even if it may feel like it sometimes. Be kind to yourself and know that you’re doing amazing.

Vinathi Golkonda is the Secretary at the Her Campus TAMU chapter. She manages member information and keeps chapter members informed about upcoming events and reminders. Her writing mainly covers her experiences in college and events happening around campus. Outside of Her Campus, Vinathi serves as the Executive Director of Operations for the Texas A&M Student Senate where she manages records and curates content for its social media platforms. Vinathi is currently a sophomore at Texas A&M University majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Aside from writing, her hobbies include playing piano, listening to music, doing henna, and hiking. She has visited over 20 National Parks and Monuments over the past 11 years and loves nature. Vinathi thoroughly enjoys watching reality television shows, especially Love is Blind and Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.