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College Station, TX Nov. 22, 2022

This year’s student Bonfire has been postponed due to expected severe weather conditions this Thursday and Friday. 

On Wednesday a statement was released on Student Bonfire’s social media platforms and official website:

“Due to conditions on the new Stack Site and forecasted weather, we must postpone Burn for 2022. This was an incredibly hard decision to make, and a harder one to accept. We have inherited a reputation for accountability and safety built by Bonfire over the last 20 years, and we honor that every day. We know that this decision is in the best interest of participants, attendees, the local community, and the Tradition.

“In July, we were presented with the challenge of moving Stack Site for 2022. We immediately put all of our Summer efforts into making the move. We tried to recreate 13 years of infrastructure work in 13 weeks.

“Our primary objective is always to Build the Hell Outta Bonfire, and to pass it down to the next generation in the process. We did that in a year frought with challenges, and credit our participants for their outstanding work.

“As the situation at Stack develops, we will update with plans for a delayed Burn, and for opportunities to visit the completed Stack before then.

“We thank you for your support. It helped pull us through this season. We look forward to beginning the next season when we can Burn the Hell Outta Bonfire!”

To support the Bonfire, check out their website under their “Support” tab.

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