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Styles Spotted On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.


The outfit of an ordinary college student at Texas A&M is usually a simple tee and for girls Nike shorts/leggings and for guys basketball shorts/jeans. However, once in a while you might catch a student showing some style on just a regular school day. Here are some Aggies that reflect their personalities through their trendy outfits.


A senior former track and field athlete, Ricky, sports his maroon shoes to match the rest of his A&M maroon gear. “I saw them at Journeys and thought they’d be really cool maroon shoes,” Ricky said. This would be a great way to show your spirit and look good while doing it.

You’ll see plenty of sorority girls all over campus and this past winter the majority showed their style with this similar look. Leggings, riding boots, infinity scarves, and windbreakers representing their sororities were worn all over campus. Just like sophomore, Taylor, did in this photo to look cute and keep warm walking from class to class.

Some guys like sophomore, Shawn, throw a little color into their outfits like his blue flannel matching with his blue pants. This is a certain way to make anyone stand out on campus with an outfit that will always be in style. As spring is coming, mixing in color is a great way to give your outfits more life.

With Texas’ bipolar weather, you can wake up suddenly with freezing weather. Riding boots are very cute to wear, but aren’t always the comfiest shoes to be walking in when you have a busy school schedule. Aggies Sydney and Adriana show off the different types of Ugg boots that you can get that guarantee you warmth and comfort.

Even though A&M is known to have a bit of a country feel, you still see some city looks from a few students. Fish camp counselor, Trevor, rocks his urban-like outfit to class which throws in a little diversity on our A&M campus. 

Since temperatures are warming up, a lot of girls are throwing on shorts with a cute shirt, which is a very relaxed and fashionable look, and also is something super easy to put together. A&M student, Sophia, even mixed a colorful pair of shoes into her outfit to spice it up. This is something fun and stylish to wear to class.


Hopefully some of these examples showed you guys some of the styles you can spot on A&M’s campus. No matter what you wear to school, you’re outfit will always reflect your personality so dress how you feel and want to be represented!