Story Snip: Watch the Waves

The following is a snip from a book I am currently writing titled Mythos and the War on Roldrom. The snip is not long; however, I hope you enjoy it and let your imagination wander.  


I walked down the quiet city on the mountain and across the quiet, green fields that separate the city from the ocean. My bare feet left the fresh grass and touched the dark, soft sand.The moon illuminated the white water, and a soft breeze blew my hair away from my face.  I stopped walking when I felt the cool water slap my ankles. I breathed in the sea air before letting my breath out slowly. I watched the waves come and go and counted the stars. The soft padding of feet on sand drew my attention away from the sky and to the sound approaching from behind.The sound stopped when Janson appeared by my side. Together, we silently watched the waves.