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The Stages of Midterm Week

Midterms: A week where not paying 100% attention to class at the beginning of the semester comes back to bite me. How do I survive midterms week? I don’t, I just get by. This is what my life looks like for a week, and then it repeats again during finals.

Sleep deprived: During test weeks I can never fall asleep without feeling bad that I’m not studying. I’ll count down the days until midterms are over and I’ll finally be able to sleep again.


Surviving on coffee: If I can’t sleep then I’m going to have to stay awake somehow. Whether that means 3 Redbulls or 6 cups of coffee. I prefer take coffee. I’ve found my favorite grocery store coffee, so that’s either a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to midterms. Maybe by the end of the week coffee will run through my body instead of blood.


All nighters at the library: I have such a hard time staying focused when studying. Going to the library helps me finish my work much faster. When the work piles up though, the library becomes my new home and sees me in the early hours when I wish I was seeing my bed. Pro tip: Reserve study rooms, they’re worth it.


High stress levels: A week full of tests can only mean one thing: stress. It’s totally normal, and don’t let yourself get too stressed out. Always take some study breaks that way you don’t end up burning out too soon.


Quickly writing papers before they’re due: Some classes have papers due as their midterms, meaning you have to quickly write them in between studying for  theother tests you have the same week. Put all of your coffee energy into the paper and it’ll get done in no time. Then you have even more time to focus on more studying!

So whether, you’ve just finished midterms, or you’re right in the middle of them, I completely understand the struggle. Make a to do list each night of what you have to get done that way you don’t forget anything, and set a goal for each day. From one college student to another, good luck!    

Howdy! My name is Melanie and I am currently a Senior Human Resources major and the Chapter Correspondent of the Her Campus chapter at Texas A&M University! I started off as an event planner for our chapter and was so excited to become a Chapter Correspondent! In my free time I like to procrastinate my studies, buy too much at Target, and frequently visit my local Chick-Fil-A Thanks and Gig 'em
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