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Spooky Season Self-Care: Tricks and Treats to Pamper Yourself for the Fall 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

The colorful autumn leaves crinkling on the sidewalk. The cool wind blowing through the crisp air. A pumpkin cold brew in hand. And the smell of your favorite perfume on a cozy pullover. All these things perfectly encompass my thoughts of what a relaxing fall day would feel like. Fall is a season for transitions. Whether from tank tops to sweatpants, from an iced coffee to a latte. Or from summer vacations to preparing for the holidays. The weather gets colder, midterms approach quicker than we realize, and for some, seasonal depression may start to set in. To combat this -and consciously choose to focus on the “gourd” things about spooky season- I compiled my favorite list of activities, treats, movies, and other things you can add to your fall routine to make this season a treat.

  1. Fall Spa Night: A fall-themed spa night is a perfect way to unwind before bed, destress after an exam, or as a way to schedule self-care into your day. I was given a pumpkin spice pedicure kit that was a perfect way to relax, but a fall candle, apple cider, or a chai latte and a charcoal face mask do the trick, too.
  2. Coffee shop: Continuing with the fall drinks, coffee shops are one of my favorite places to go when I feel like I need an outing, a study break, or a change of scenery. A Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew or a local coffee shop and farmers market are both great options for a fall treat.
  3. Crafts: Fall and pumpkins are an obvious combination. Whether it’s carving, painting, or decorating with pumpkins, the possibilities are endless, and they can lead to a fall-themed social event. 
  4. Baking: For my roommates and me, baking is a way to spend time together and celebrate the seasons changing. Pumpkin bread, cookies, banana bread, family recipes, and other sweet treats have been made in our college kitchen. And decorating the kitchen table for the season is a way to make the space welcoming and open for conversation.
  5. Movies: Spooky season is a time for spooky movies. From thrillers to horror, Disney classics to comedy, or even a true-crime show, movies can be a great way to unwind and clear your head from the events of the day. My favorite has been Hocus PocusYou on Netflix, and Criminal Minds.
  6. Make time for yourself: This time can be in the mornings when drinking a coffee, before bed, or any free time throughout the day. And it can be spent doing yoga, making a to-do list, reading affirmations or your favorite book, or just breathing and checking in with yourself. Whatever your favorite way of making time for yourself is, it should be prioritized throughout your day and all of the seasons.
Howdy! I'm a junior psychology major at Texas A&M (WHOOP!) from Dripping Springs, Texas! I have a passion for reading, writing, Kenya, traveling, mental health, and coffee!