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If you’re anything like me, you have countless playlists on your phone right now. My playlists are dedicated to different seasons, emotions, and moments in my life. One of my favorite playlists on my phone is my summer time playlist which I have titled as “Sounds Like Summer.” It’s been an ongoing list of songs that I add onto every year. With summer quickly approaching, here are my top seven favorite songs from it to add to your own summer time playlist.

  1. Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift 

A classic summer bop. This song gives a feeling of romantic possibilities, dramatic fallouts, and summertime relationships. Taylor Swift can really paint a picture with her lyrics which is a key factor to finding those perfect summer songs. 

  1. Tongue Tied by GROUPLOVE

Another great upbeat song with a super catchy melody. Perfect for karaoke or to just obnoxiously sing along to with your friends.

  1. Electric Love by BORNS

Another great upbeat song with a super catchy melody. The lyrics are super romantic and the upbeat music behind the lyrics leaves me feeling even electric and excited for the upcoming summer nights. 

  1. Party In The USA by MIley Cyrus 

This is a classic song that is always a hit on aux. Ask just about anyone growing up in this generation to sing this song and most people won’t miss a lyric!

  1. Brazil by Declan Mckenna 

This song has such a unique sound behind it. It has an upbeat tempo and always leaves me embarrassingly dancing around with my friends. 

  1. See You Again by Tyler, The Creator

This is a song with catchy and heartfelt lyrics. Perfect for late night summer drives. 

  1. Amber by 311 

This song gives off a chill summer vibe. Another song with romantic lyrics that make singing along to the catchy lyrics so much more emotional and fun. 

Hannah Hubbard is a Junior communications major at Texas A&M from Angleton, Texas. Reading and writing have always been a big part of her life, which was a leading factor in why she joined Her Campus during her freshman year! She is a second-year member who is a part of the events committee. In the events committee, she organizes social events for members. Hannah has also been a part of the writing and editing committee and has written thirteen articles. Beyond Her Campus, Hannah Is extremely focused on academics. She is a part of the pre-law Society at Texas A&M and hopes to use the organization's opportunities to pursue her future career. Hannah hopes to go to Law school after graduating from Texas A&M to pursue a career in public policy or something similar. She also hopes to be able to publish a book and still incorporate reading and writing into her life for fun. In her free time, Hannah enjoys listening to music, reading, karaoke, drinking matcha, and hanging out with her friends and family. Hannah loves animals and has five dogs, twenty cows, two donkeys, and a cat back home. Her comfort book is “Better Than The Movies” by Lynn Painter, and she recommends it to any fellow avid romance book reader. Hannah also enjoys traveling and hopes to experience more parts of the world one day.