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Six of the Best Parks in College Station / Bryan Area

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As the weather is starting to become pleasant once more, I highly encourage visiting a park or two.  It’s time to get that serotonin in!  Here are some of my recommendations for parks in the College Station / Bryan Area:

Aggie Park

“We’re Aggies, we will be going to Aggie park at least once a week.”

This park is conveniently located on main campus and is gorgeous, although it does get super crowded at times.  If you haven’t been yet, what are you doing?

Wolf Pen Creek Park

Located about 10 minutes away from campus, this park is also beautiful, but far less crowded.  There is a nice amphitheater and so many walking paths.  There is also a big stretch of open grass to lay down in.

And if you’ve got frisbees, you can play a game of frisbee golf!

Lick Creek Park

This park is a bit more out of the way.  It’s about a thirty minute drive away from campus so depending on where you’re located, it might take a long minute to get there.  But it’s got some nice paths that stretch on for a few miles.  It’s definitely a nice Sunday activity to walk the paths with a coffee and pastry in hand.  They also have a “give a book, get a book” library!

Camelot Park

This park is nice, tucked away, and pet friendly.  Butterflies are constantly flying around thanks to the Monarch Butterfly Garden.  It is a little on the smaller side, only about  0.7 miles.  But definitely a nice place to stop off at and have lunch if you aren’t quite ready to go home.

Hensel Park

This park is said to be a little on the sketchy side so if you do go, go during the day.  It’s still a nice park that has a cool outdoor sculpture.  And it has a few paths that you can walk and feel transported into a storybook.  And it’s less than five minutes away from campus!

Leach Teaching Gardens Pavilion 

It’s small but located next to a stream, making it exponentially peaceful.  Sometimes I like coming here to listen to the water trickle downstream.  It’s far less crowded than Aggie park but still conveniently located on TAMU’s campus (West Campus to be specific).

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