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If you are someone who just can’t get started with a new show and likes to stick with what you know, then you’re in the right place! I have been stuck in my room with covid and have watched at least 5 episodes of each of these listed shows, so I’ve decided to share my repeated comfort shows.


Minus the explicit and mostly unnecessary nudity, there is nothing better than waiting to see just what Rue will do next… and of course to see what Fez and Ash are up to!


We can, we will, we must… watch all of cheer in one sitting because you just can’t watch someone break their limb in one episode THEN INTENTIONALLY NOT WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

Schitt’s Creek

I like to play a game of “How many times does Alexis say, ‘Ew/Ugh/ David!’,” and I take a drink of my water. Great way to stay hydrated! (You may substitute water for whatever is beneficial to you and your life)

keeping up with the kardashians

Bible… I can’t not get enough of watching them live my dream life.

Parks and recreation

I should put on my resume how many lines I can quote from this show.

Some honorable mentions:

Jersey Shore “Where’s the BEACH?!”

Jane the Virgin -#team…

The whole Twilight Series- enough said

Howdy! My name is Mariaelena Lozano, I'm from San Antonio, and I am a Telecommunications Media Studies major with a minor in New Media Art! I absolutely love dogs, Harry Styles runs my life and I love watching almost any bad reality show. :)
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