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Shop at The Orchid Boutique for Spring Break 2015 and get 15% Off! (Limited Time Only)

It is finally March, Ags. It couldn’t have come any sooner! And what first comes to mind when you think of March? Is it mid-terms? Certainly not. We know what’s really on your mind; SPRING BREAK!

And it’s just around the corner. WHOOP!

And while you’re probably cramming for tests like a crazy person, you might not have time to think of everything you have to get for your much-needed week off. Well worry not! Our friends at The Orchid Boutique have got you covered. Here’s your list of must-haves for Spring Break 2015:

1.Kate Sunshine Tote- $35

This tote is the perfect accessory to throw all of your beach gear in! Its flirty, fun, and easy to travel with. What more could you ask for?!

2.Goldfish Kiss H20 lash Tattoos- $25

If there’s one trend you must keep up with right now, its flash tats! The temporary body art is the cutest way to complete your beach-y look!

3.Maaji Cosmetic Pouch- $15

Don’t be that girl digging in the depths of your purse for water-proof mascara on vacation. Be prepared! And with this pretty pouch, you can fit all of your beauty essentials in one place for easy access.

4.Maaji Mesh Bikini Bag- $20

This bikini bag is by far one of the greatest inventions. Now you don’t have to worry about mixing your wet swimsuit with the rest of your dry clothes. Forget the plastic bag and upgrade to this cute mesh bag guaranteed to keep the wet separate from the dry!

5.Sunkissed Pink Dress- $70

This bright and beautiful dress will make you look like the Spring Break goddess that you are. Don’t just show up to dinner on the beach…ARRIVE.

6.Coral Pineapple Shoes- $65

This footwear is not only easy to slip on, but it is crazy-adorable! Why bother with cheap flip flops that will probably break when you can look better in these puppies?!

7.Emma Watermelon Daisy Bikini (Top and Bottom)- $93

And last, but certainly not least is the Emma Watermelon Daisy Bikini. You can’t hit the beach without your suit! And why not look your best while doing so? This figure hugging piece will compliment your skin that is sure to glow under the warmth of the sun this Spring Break. So whether you’re tanning or going in for a dip, you are sure to look great no matter what you’re doing!

And if you shop at Orchid Boutique from March 4th through March 20th, you will get an EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF DISCOUNT using the coupon code: TAMUBREAK.

So there you have it! Head on over to the Orchid Boutique store in person or online @ www.theorchidboutique.com to grab some goodies for Spring Break 2015. 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

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