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Savor Smart: Healthy Swaps for Your Junk-Food Cravings

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Prepping for hot girl summer while trying to stay healthy? Here’s some yummy healthy food combinations for your cravings!!

1. Cashews + Almonds

I crave salted lays potato chips and cheeto puffs ALL the time! substitute them for salted nuts like cashews or almonds, they usually have the same crunch and are a great source of healthy fats!

Kristine Mahan / Spoon

2. Tea with Honey

I love coffee as much as any college student – if anything I’m addicted. But too much coffee can be bad for your heart rate, so sometimes I try to stick with tea and honey instead. Even better, honey is super good for your gut!

3. Green Grapes + Fruit

I grew up on sour patch kids and would always sneak them into the movie theater as a kid. Now, I substitute them for some delicious green grapes. I love fruit in general and really any fruit is a great swap for candy. Most fruits also have lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals! 

4. Kombutcha

I used to go through soda like CRAZY in middle school. I found that kombucha is a great swap for soda because it still contains carbonation but replaces all that corn syrup with fruit and healthy probiotics. Kombucha also boosts gut health and metabolism!

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