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Rating My Top Three Cafes For Studying In College Station

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

As a college student, finding a personal place to do work is crucial to achieving goals and maintaining good grades. Attending a major university can make it challenging to find a quiet or even available space to do this. Therefore, last semester I set out to find my favorite cafe study spots in the Bryan-College Station area. Here are my top three go to cafes for studying.

  1. Gough Gough Coffee: The vibes in this cafe were my favorite out of all the places I tried. There were multiple rooms with a lot of seating which made it easy to pick a spot and get to work quickly, they played the music at a good volume which made it comforting instead of distracting, and they had a large variety of coffee options which is great for late night study sessions. In addition to their stellar coffee and soothing vibe, Gough Gough has two guinea pig mascots, Vincent Van Pig and Pig Gauguin, which I thought was super cute and unique!

Location: 2501 Texas Ave S suite c-100, College Station, TX 77840.

  1. Sweet Eugene’s: This cafe also has an incredible vibe. From the art they hang on the walls to the music they play, Sweet Eugene’s always makes me feel comfortable and motivated to work. This cafe seems to be more well known and at times can become pretty crowded. Sometimes it was challenging to find a spot, and felt like the space was more limited. However, Sweet Eugene’s has a diverse menu with a lot of coffee and food options to chose from. Overall, a great cafe with a satisfying menu and environment.

Location: 1702 George Bush Dr E, College Station, TX 77840.

  1. POV coffee: POV has a more formal setting than the other cafes I have suggested. However, POV has my favorite coffee in the area and a large variety of food options. It is still a great option for studying, especially if you like to go study with friend. POV has a variety of seating, including booths connected to long tables which can fit larger groups of people. In addition to studying, every month POV has featured art from local artists displayed in their shop, dropping in during this time is a great way to support the local art community!

Location: 4114 Lake Atlas Dr, Bryan, TX 77807.

Hannah Hubbard is a Junior communications major at Texas A&M from Angleton, Texas. Reading and writing have always been a big part of her life, which was a leading factor in why she joined Her Campus during her freshman year! She is a second-year member who is a part of the events committee. In the events committee, she organizes social events for members. Hannah has also been a part of the writing and editing committee and has written thirteen articles. Beyond Her Campus, Hannah Is extremely focused on academics. She is a part of the pre-law Society at Texas A&M and hopes to use the organization's opportunities to pursue her future career. Hannah hopes to go to Law school after graduating from Texas A&M to pursue a career in public policy or something similar. She also hopes to be able to publish a book and still incorporate reading and writing into her life for fun. In her free time, Hannah enjoys listening to music, reading, karaoke, drinking matcha, and hanging out with her friends and family. Hannah loves animals and has five dogs, twenty cows, two donkeys, and a cat back home. Her comfort book is “Better Than The Movies” by Lynn Painter, and she recommends it to any fellow avid romance book reader. Hannah also enjoys traveling and hopes to experience more parts of the world one day.