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All I ever seem to write about is pain.

Slashing and red and fighting and storms,

Then crying and breaking and falling apart.

I wonder, sometimes, why I do it.

I generally think I’m ok.

But looking at my thoughts, long past the time the sun sets,

My inner turmoil is mirrored perfectly by that which I write.

I may not be fighting dragons or shooting guns,

But I’m fighting beasts and taking shots.

Those stories I write of unrequited love,

That’s a loss I haven’t felt,

But I know the feeling of losing hope,

Losing a best friend,

Losing it all.

Writing mirrors warnings from the soul.

And all I write about is losing those around me.

Losing myself within me.

Doubting myself, always.

And there’s a little tick in the back of my mind,

Ingrained in my brain,

Always asking if I’m enough or if I’m annoying.

Telling me everything will collapse around me.

Shaking my hands, and my legs, and my soul.

So here I write, and forever I will,

Because the shakes and the hurt

Need somewhere to go.

I'm an outgoing, fun-loving girl from San Diego, California. I grew up playing soccer and lacrosse, and have always loved writing. I currently sing for a band, and my favorite form of writing is poetry. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes, and I love the fall. I'm also really passionate about women's issues.
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