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Hi there! Thanks for checking out this article! So, I gave myself a fun, little challenge of writing a short piece inspired by a photo in my phone's gallery. I will not reveal the photo as it is personal, and I wish to keep its subject secret, but I hope you can get the context through the story! Okay, now, on to the story. I hope you enjoy!!


The shutter of the camera captures your smiles. I tell you to back up to get more scenery in the frame. You tilt your head and take on different poses. I smile behind the camera as I watch you. Your long hair flows in the wind, shimmering under the sun. It is cold out, but you take off your headband for the pictures. Your warm, brown eyes glow like honey in the sunlight. Your cheeks are rosy after the long hike up the rocky hills, but it just adds to your beauty. 

A brilliant idea pops into my head, and I tell you to go sit towards the edge of rocky overhang. You look at me quizzically, and I tell you not to worry. The edge is long and flat. You won't fall. I promise. I will never do anything to hurt you. The picture will look great! You agree and meander to the edge, eventually sitting down about fifteen feet from the end. Okay, almost there. Following my instructions, you lift your camera to your eye and take pictures of the setting sun.

Perfect! I lean down to get an appealing angle and snap the shot. You are sitting at the edge capturing nature's beauty. It is just you and I in nature.

You come to inspect the picture, leaving the edge and sitting next to me. See! I told you it'd be great! You always doubt me in things like these. We laugh and look at each other before agreeing that the picture turned out well.

How are you so beautiful? You are the personification of perfection. How lucky I am to capture this moment of you. I pray I will be able to capture many more. I will cherish this moment forever.

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.
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