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HerCampus has recently launched an Alumni Mentorship Program, and I am very lucky to have been paired with Catherine Lowe, an amazing alumni and co-founder of the HerCampus chapter at Winthrop University. I got to meet my mentor (on Zoom) last Friday, April 3, 2020. She was so prepared for our meeting; she had spent time putting together icebreaker questions and get-to-know-you themed questions. She had it all together! But I, on the otherhand, was not as prepared. To start off, she asked about my results of popular personality tests. I was speechless…. It had been a long time since I have taken any personality tests. The earliest being four years ago when I first entered college.


I had no idea what the results were, and more than likely, my results may have changed since the first time I took these tests. I was a little embarrassed of myself for not being as prepared as Catherine, but she encouraged me to use this information to find out more about myself. She named off a few personality tests, and I promised to her that I would take them and be prepared for our next video chat. And so, I have listed here a few of the most popular personality tests (for FREE!!) that my HC mentor asked of me. I have also listed a couple additional tests just for kicks! So I dare you to dig deep and find out some things about yourself that you may have never known! PLUS, these are great things to know about yourself in general for the day you have a job interview and someone asks about your personality type. Enjoy!

Well behaved women rarely make history

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This test is a fun one! It challenges the mind and works to distinguish the psychological way people behave and make real world decisions. Your boss would LOVE you if you knew what type of personality you were.



2. Top 5 Strengths Test

The first personality test I took in college was a StrengthsQuest test. The test shows results for the top 5 strengths and top 5 weaknesses. If you have ever been in an interview or will ever go to one, I HIGHLY recommend knowing your top 5 strengths and weaknesses. These can be a make or break deal for companies. It is also good to just be prepared for these type of typical interview questions.



3. Enneagram Personality Test

I had never heard of this before, but apparently, it is a pretty accurate reader of character. It doesn’t take long to take, and the results are truly eye opening. This test matches you in 9 different personality types, and it gives you percentages of each category that best fit you. I enjoyed this test, as it gave me an overview of my personality, not just one, straightforward result.



4. Rorschach Test

Commonly seen on TV shows, the inkblot test is a fun challenge that uses a person’s perceptions of the inkblots and analyzes it. The results are made from a mixture of psychological interpretation and complex algorithms. So give this a shot, and let me know what you think!



5. Harry Potter House

Last, but not least, the magical hat that can sort you into any one of the four Harry Potter houses based on your results. This mystical test reads your mind, your emotions, and sees your future potential. So, be brave and enter this world of magic to see where your true loyalties lie.




**If you were curious, my results were:

1. ISTP-T Virtuoso

2. TOP 5- Harmony, Empathy, Consisency, Significance, Focus

3. Enthusiast 7

4. Interesting…

5. Hufflepuff

Howdy! My name is Angelica Frazer, and I am a senior Animal Science major from Sherman, TX. I love dogs and nature and dogs and Aggie tradition, and did I mention that I love....animals:). My passions are to do photography for fun, sleep on the 5th floor of the library, and train service dogs for Veterans. All in all, I am a very outdoorsy person that aspires to become a veterinarian someday.
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