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An Open Letter to “Nice Guys”



Dear Nice Guys,

I’m going to be honest. I don’t hate you. I feel like having straight male friends has allowed me to grow as a person, and learn patience. Lots of patience. But Nice Guys, could you shut up for once? The constant talk about how nice you are just makes it seem like you’re trying to convince YOURSELF that you’re actually nice. I’m not saying nice guys don’t exist, I’m just saying that if you have to actively label yourself as a Nice Guy maybe you’re……not.

Even if you have a progressive political stance that supports women, you can still be terrible to the women in your life! Sharing memes on Twitter about “supporting women” while still talking about them in gross and dehumanizing ways makes you NOT NICE. It had to be said.

Having lots of female friends willing to pour their heart out to you doesn’t make you a nice person, it just makes you a good listener. Also it makes you perpetually friend zoned. It’s great to talk to your friends and support each other, but when you expect something back from a friend who’s ranted to you, well Good Luck Charlie.

Talking about how much you love and support your mom is a great thing that lots of people do. This doesn’t make you special or particularly nicer than other guys or people in general. Treating your parents kindly is just the decent human thing to do. I would hope whatever guy I am in a relationship with would have a healthy, supportive, and grateful relationship with his mother unless he had a valid reason not to.

And you wanna know what, in the end it’s ok to not be the stereotype of a Nice Guy. I wouldn’t consider myself a Nice Girl, but also I’m still a considerate human being who cares well-being of others and practices basic etiquette. You can come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but in the end it’s important to focus on how you treat others. Instead of forcing people to view you as a Nice Guy by constantly saying it, maybe just work on being nice :)

Howdy! I am a Senior International Studies major on the Politics & Diplomacy track with a minor in Spanish. I write articles for readers to learn (and laugh) from my experiences, but also to connect with other college women at Texas A&M. I love to travel, write, paint, and spend time with friends!
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