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Hello, Old Friend.

The fondest and most welcoming, Friend.

Oh how you bring me such comfort.

The familiarity of your font,

Never failing to bring me joy.

I wish I could recall the first time we met.

Wasn’t it high school? 

Or maybe it was middle school.

Before that I was such a traitor,

Using whatever curly font

Appealed to my young eyes.

Now I never stray, Friend.

How could I ever betray?

For it is you that I’ve chosen

To dedicate my life to.

For you are the one

Who will adorn my life’s works.

Litter the pages of my novels,

And the lines of my poetry.

Even now, you are who I choose.

I must confess,

Maybe you are more than a Friend.

You know all my secrets,

Listened to all my stories.

You know of my greatest loves,

And my hardest heart breaks.

You know me better

Than any other in existence.

I should thank you, more-than-Friend,

For being there on my loneliest nights

And my brightest days.

Even though you are not mine alone,

You have never let me down.

Never left or hurt me.

It is I who should apologize

For the F’s you’ve had to endure,

And brutal things I’ve made you write.

You never complained, not even once.

So here is to you,

My Love.

Hello! I'm a Senior English Major from Texas A&M University, and the current Editor-in-Chief and Co-Correspondent for HC TAMU. At first glance I just seem like a normal gal in her twenties. At second glance... ok yeah nothing changes. Aspiring Science Fiction Author with no time to write. Started from Wattpad, now we're here.
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