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As social media expands in content creators, there are many more faces that we get to discover hour-by-hour as we scroll through our feeds. Algorithms in platforms, such as YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram, cater to social media user’s personal interests by tracking their likes and dislikes, to understand what a person would want to see regularly. TikTok’s algorithm has been most impactful on people’s media intake in the last five years due to its FYP algorithm which allows users to come across hundreds of creators every hour. As people consume more and more content everyday, it can become a hassle to remember the faces of creators you would like to see more consistently on your screen. Here is a list of current favorite content creators, where I introduce a diverse group of creators from different social media platforms, that I think everyone would enjoy watching as much as I do day-to-day.

The chAotic due of Enya UMANZOR AND DREW PHILLPS

Best friends, Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips, have been content creators since they were just teenagers making silly videos on the social media app Vine. I find them to be the most addicting people to watch as they are very  comedic and relatable. Most recently, they have grown even bigger through their podcast, Emergency Intercom, where they share story times, movie and music recommendations, as well as gnarly tips on how to slay. They also have a large YouTube platform, which they also began when they were teens, where they show their close-knit friend group. Both creators also have separate platforms where they go into details on their personal lives, but it is very heart-warming to see such a strong friendship between creators who have grown up together in real life and through their work.

orion carloto

Orion Carloto is a writer, influencer, and model from Georgia. She is also a close friend of Enya and Drew, who I have mentioned before. She also makes TikTok content where she lets her followers see her personal life and interests. Orion’s book Film for Her is a book I would recommend to everyone as it consists of poems, personal essays, and photographs that embody Orion herself. On Carloto’s YouTube, you get to see a silly side of her that’s usually hidden away through her soft aesthetic. Her media is definitely something to take in as her various platforms display different sides to her personality.

Aliyah’s Interlude (@aliyahsinterlude1)

Aliyah Bah is a nine-teen-year old TikTok influencer from New York City. Her platform consists of styling tips, brand reviews, and female empowerment especially for young Black women who dress alternatively. Bah’s fashion sense is inspired by Japanese Harajuku fashion, streetwear, and Y2K fashion. The tag #aliyahcore has also made its way through social media causing Bah to gain recognition in the fashion industry. Her takes on fashion have led her to be a guest to multiple fashion shows during FW23 and has also granted her the chance to close for the Mowalola Autumn Winter 23 show. I definitely recommend taking a look at Aliyah’s account, not only for her styling tips, but for her cheerful character as well!

Kelon (@_itspsyiconic_)

Kelon, an influencer on TikTok, is well known for his TikTok lives, where he acts out skits through a character named Terri Joe. As Terri Joe’s storyline reached a large number of viewers, this resulted in Kelon having recurring special guests like Doja Cat and Hunter Schafer. The influence that Terri Joe has had on comedic TikTokers has been iconic, because it allowed Kelon to get his own editorial shoot and interview with Paper Magazine. I can say that every live show that Kelon puts on is very entertaining and will cause you to want to watch from the beginning to the end.

 Amira Bappe (@amirabappe)

Amira Bappe, also known through her alias “Bella Hadid,” is such an amusing TikToker. Her dancing and lip syncing videos are always entertaining to watch. Amira has set a fair amount of dancing trends, her most recent being the song “If Only You Were Mine” by the artist Wavorly. She is the most relatable Starbucks employee, next to Tony Vara (@varatony on TikTok), because she lets her viewers know how her day is going. I really recommend taking a look at her videos if you are having a bad day and would like to be cheered up!

Hello! My name is Larissa Gonzalez, and I am a Junior Sociology major at Texas A&M University. I am also the host/DJ of an online radio show called bimbo radio. If you'd ever like to listen I go on at 2pm on Fridays on kanm.org. I love listening to all kinds of music, from Rock to Reggae, to Alternative. I really like reading books from time to time, especially non-fiction or biographies, such as Patti Smith. One of my favorite things to do is watch movies, and I've been trying to add more movies to my letterboxd too. A fun fact is that I love corgis!