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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

College Station, Texas, November 4, 2023 – This coming November 10th, in celebration of Military Appreciation Month, TAMU (in partnership with SRS Distribution) is hosting a military appreciation concert. The owner of SRS Distribution is a former Aggie, and he names it as a formative experience in his life. He appreciates veterans and their families and is happy to bring students and the community together. The concert will be led by Riley Green, with guest Josh Abbot Band. This all happens before the TAMU Football game, which is the day after. Aggie fans and the community alike should all check out this concert!

Erin Haggerty is a sophomore forensic science major and psychology minor at TAMU. She is a returning member of Her Campus for the spring semester. Outside of Her Campus, she works full-time at a local BBQ restaurant, C&J Barbeque as a shift lead, as well as being a full-time student. She’s worked at C&J's for around 3 years and has moved up the ranks since her start. Her campus is her only published writing experience, as she enjoys writing about her life, College Station, and researching about anything! Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with her dogs, and cooking. She’s found great passion in cooking and baking, mainly through creating her recipes. Through work, she also gets the opportunity to work tailgates for Aggie Football season, and though it's grueling, she enjoys the spirit!