Merari Castillo, The Voice In The MSC

After Grey's Anatomy sparked an interest, Merari Castillo, a sophomore kinesiology major from Houston, Texas, said she hopes to get into medical school after college to pursue a career as a surgeon. Although she has yet to decide between specializing neuro or general surgery, Castillo said once you get into the real thing, it's different and definitely a lot harder. But aside from her pursuit to go on to save lives, she can be found gracing the halls of the Memorial Student Center with melodic vocals that makes all heads turn. 

Photo Credit: Lindey Goralczyk  

Her Campus Texas A&M: How did you get started singing?

Castillo: It started out when I was super young. My mom kind of forced me into it because I didn't like to sing in front of people. She would get mad at me if I never did it, but every time I did I came off saying, "Yeah! I'm so glad I did it!" There was this video of me when I was little that my mom recorded where I was singing and dancing, mostly to Beyoncé, I was feelin' myself and stuff, and from there on, I just got better and better and much more comfortable. 

HC TAMU: When did you start playing guitar?

Castillo: I only started playing guitar less than a year ago. It was super hard at the beginning. People would ask me how long I've been playing and I would say less than a year and they would just be shocked. It was kind of funny. 

Photo Credit: Lindey Goralczyk

HC TAMU: Would you want to make singing into a career?

Castillo: I definitely want to make my singing into a career. Even though I'm in Kinesiology, I want this to blow up. I just really love to perform and when they feel what I'm feeling, I just want to change the world with my music.

HC TAMU: What made you want to come to campus and sing in the MSC?

Castillo: At first, I would sing in hidden corners around Rudder Plaza or in corners in the MSC, but I really wanted to be known because at that point I was just starting my YouTube channel. People didn't know who I was and I knew that nobody sang inside the MSC, so I thought I could be the first one and started singing inside. 

HC TAMU: Are you participating in anything right now that utilizes your singing?

Castillo: I'm actually in a contest right now called the Starlight Music Series, and I honestly didn't know about [it] until like two days before the audition. So I had to come up with something original and that's the fastest I've ever put a song together. They chose me! I didn't think I would get it because there was so many other people, but they did. So I thought this could really be something. I'm currently in the Top 12, and whoever gets the Top 3 most votes moves on to perform on stage. The audience chooses who wins the title and $750! It's definitely not about the money, I just love to perform in front of people. My YouTube channel is one of the biggest things I'm focused on right now and the contest too. If the public wants, they can vote for me, but I just want people to hear what I have to offer. I also love it when people come up to me in the MSC to say hey and just to see people smiling, it really brightens my days. It means that I'm doing something that makes their day happier and I just love that. 

Merari obviously has a talent and passion for singing. Listed below are the links to her YouTube channel and the Starlight Music Series to vote for her. Check them out! 

Merari's YouTube Channel

Vote Merari Castillo for the Starlight Music Series