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Meet Nick Kirkendoll, Aspiring Musician

Meet Nick Kirkendoll, College Station’s newest up-and-coming musician. Listen to his newest single, “Told Ya” right here:



HC: Ok, so what’s your name, stage name, class, and major?

NK: My name is Nicholas Sebastian Kirkendoll but my artist name is NiCKTHEGiANT. I’m a sophomore and my major is Psychology.

HC: What made you get into music?

NK: I’ve been around it all my life. I started band in the sixth grade and it just stuck with me. I just wanted to stay in music without having to major in it. The singing thing didn’t really start happening until September of 2013. I started making my own beats and singing around that time. I guess my drive was to just connect with people. I was going through a hard time that year.

HC: Who are your influences in music?

NK: Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Marvin Gaye, Lorde, Michael Jackson, Incubus, Beach House and a couple of others I’m missing.

HC: What do you wish to accomplish with your music?

NK: Connect with people, meet all or most of my inspirations, and just change lives. I want people to be comfortable with themselves. And go as far as I can with this. Drop project after project, keep it going.

HC: What makes you different than anyone else?

NK: I guess the fact that I’m still insecure about certain things feeds into my songs. I feel like I’m an artist who will talk about stuff that people are afraid to talk about, and my sound reflects that. The songs on my EP are a diverse body of work. Certain songs you listen to, will put you in different places, different feelings and all of that. I’ll jump from being at a party, to talking about bullying, to talking about the real world problems in a heartbeat. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable at this point. A lot of my songs are put into forms of women, just because it’s easier to get my point across. People relate to relationships a lot, which makes it easier to relate and understand.

Howdy! My name is Angie Guerra and I am a senior Industrial Distribution major from Cypress, Texas. Some of my favorite things include the Houston Rockets, college radio, indie movies, Americana, and tennis.
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