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Meet Gavin Lohman!

HC: What is your major?

GL: Sport Management



GL: 2017


HC: Hometown?

GL: Houston, TX


HC: What are you involved in on campus?

GL: Habitat for Humanity


HC: Favorite A&M tradition?

GL: Silver taps


HC:What are your plans after college?

GL: To work for a Sporting Franchise (hopefully in Europe)


HC: First thing you notice about girls?

GL:Their smile


HC: Which Disney Princess would you choose to take out on a date?  

GL: Anna from Frozen


HC:What is the soundtrack to your life?

GL: Strawberry Swing – Coldplay


HC: Are you in a relationship? 

GL: No


HC: What is your ideal date?

GL:To go to the beach and hang out all day


HC: Random fact about you:

GL: I play both the piano and guitar

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