Meet Campus Cutie, Zach Short!

Hey ladies, meet this week’s campus cutie, Zach Short. Zach is a SINGLE junior, communications major at Texas A&M. And he’s ready to mingle.

HC: Where are you from?

Zach: Dallas

HC: What made you decide to come to A&M?

Zach: I was at another university, but wasn’t to happy with it. I came here to visit friends a lot and ended up falling in love with everything from the town, the school and fan base and the whole concept of the Aggie spirit.

HC: What’s your favorite hobby/

Zach: Building stuff, like wood work. And playing guitar. (Oooo girls, a musician)

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

Zach: I guess I consider myself old school in the sense that I think communication is key in any relationship. I’m kind of at that point in life where I don’t just want a girl to date, but somebody who I can settle down with, so basically someone I can picture raising a family with; someone with the same values and faith; someone who is the strengths in my weaknesses.

HC: What is your favorite sports team.

Zach: The Aggies, duh! A&M football!

HC: What are your long term goals in life?

Zach: I would like to be in sales in some form or region of the oil industry. So, hopefully I can get in internship in that field to get a better understanding of exactly where I’ll go in life.

HC: What is your ideal date?

Zach: Hmm, ideal date…*long, long pause*…I would like to go to a nice restaurant, then get a bottle of wine and two glasses, and go to the roof of the rise and watch the stars. It’d also be cool to take a girl to my lake house and ride jet skis and have fun. Or go sky diving, that’d be cool.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

Zach: Kiera Knightly is definitely one of them. Oh and the girl from House, Olivia Wilde. She’s a babe. Natalie Portman’s cute too.

HC: What’s your best quality?

Zach: I’d probably say that I always see through things to the end. And that I’m good with people.