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Meet Up and Coming Artist, Juan Fraga

It’s wee hours on a Saturday night and I’m being serenaded by a simple guy and his guitar. It’s a melody that seems to soothe any worry in your mind. There he stood, this amazing voice echoing the silent winds. Everything a girl could wish for, amirite. Straight out of a movie must I say. With this, I introduce to you Mr. Juan Fraga, ladies and gentlemen.

Since he was ten years old his passion for singing was completely obvious to everyone around him. He carried a beautiful talent that was hard to keep hidden. With joining various of award-winning extracurricular activities in his lifetime, playing part of groups such as Drum Corps International, One Act Play, Band etc., took an early start on preparing for his career.

“Once you get it out of being a hobby, it’s taken more seriously. It’s what you want to build a career in. That’s where your hard work comes in. If you want it, go after it.”

Juan reached for the stars as he auditioned for the Mexican TV-show Tengo Mucho Talento, for the third time. With the show starring big artists such as Ana Barbara, Luis Coronel, Gerardo Ortiz, Pepe Garza and Don Che, Fraga performed “Yo No Se Mañana” by Luis Enrique. He won the judges over. One more thing to add to your resume. See for yourself.

Skip to 17:58 to see Juan’s performance.

HC TAMU: What has your experience been like in Tengo Mucho Talento?

Juan Fraga: That was pretty surprising ‘cause we went out thinking it was going to happen. It was a one-in-a-million chance and I was the one-in-a-million. It happened. Sure enough the next day they called me to go to LA. That same week I had a surgery on my knee. I was thinking what am I going to do, you know, I couldn’t even walk but it was an experience where I got to meet a lot of different and talented people. The producers liked what I did at the audition and they wanted to bring me out to the first round of the live show. It’s crazy. These are people I grew up with listening, you know, my mom’s playlist Ana Barbara playing every time. Pepe Garza produced songs for Lupillo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, etc. He is one of many that made the people I grew up listening. Gerardo Ortiz, that was crazy too.

HC TAMU: How has that made you stronger?

Juan Fraga: I realized that outside of Laredo, there are more people that you can grow from,  learn from, there are other opinions, other minds. It opened my eyes to that realization. It gave me confidence. I got to sing for people I never thought I would be able to and hearing really nice things from them. They are the ones I want to base my career in. I feel proud of myself but at the same time I feel like I need to try harder. If you get to the phase that you want to achieve, you know there is something more you can do to be better.

HC TAMU: What do you consider your biggest struggle in life?

Juan Fraga: My biggest struggle was getting over what people had to say, learning to accept myself and what I stand for. I have found my voice in music. I’m stronger because of my passion for music. I don’t think I will let anything come between it or my dream.

HC TAMU: What is your dream career? Do you want to do music for the rest of your life?

Juan Fraga: My dream career would be music, on a stage but right now I am going to school to get a degree on special education. If music didn’t work out for me I would work with kids. That is kind of where my heart is at. At the same time I am trying to aim for my music career, even though a job in special education is more sane, more reachable. What I want to do is something I would be happy doing. Regardless I love both, but my heart desires music at this point.

Fun fact, when Juan is not working on his music, his night time job is working as a dancer at a bar!

HC TAMU: Why choose a job as a Go-go dancer?

Juan Fraga: Well, I walked into a bar and they asked me. I’m too shy to say no. People think I’m a prostitute. HUGE misconception.

HC TAMU: What do you think of people thinking of you as one?

Juan Fraga: Well, I understand why. I know what I do and any stereotypes and misconceptions I clarify. People can believe what they want. I’ve learned to live with it.

“People come up to me and tell me ‘hey I saw you once in Mariachi or you’re that guy from TV’. I grew up in a small town, at one point or another someone recognized me, someone knows who I am. I find that mind blowing.”

HC TAMU: So, what genre would you consider yourself as a musician?

Juan Fraga: I think I consider myself in the acoustic genre. I want to be in a Latin acoustic pop genre. Not particularly like Sin Bandera but somewhere in between Jesse and Joy and Rihanna.

HC TAMU: What place would be your ideal place to perform?

Juan Fraga: I want to fill up Luca Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Having to see so much and perform in various stages, whether small or big, it just makes me more hungry for that.

“I enjoy performing. I enjoy making people feel things to music. I feel like music is one of the best ways to express anything and everything.”

HC TAMU: How do you deal with stage fright? Any advice for new performers?

Juan Fraga: When it comes to stage fright, everybody gets the ‘I need to pee’ or all of a sudden get cold sweats right before you hit the stage. Some people have their own routine, others even do a High School Musical type of habit. Personally, I am really bad with dealing with nerves but on stage, I lose those sense of nerves I had before. As soon as I see a spotlight or I step foot and once I’m singing they disappear. I basically swallow my nerves and transmit them into my performance as a sense of energy. I would say switch that fear to energy and let that push you through. Your nerves would go away once you see a smile on someone’s face, you know you did good. You know, do you what you most love to do regardless of what anybody says and give it your all. Love what you do.

HC TAMU: What’s next for you, having Tengo Mucho Talento providing an open door to you?

Juan Fraga: I am recording some things right now I can’t quite say, but it’s in the works. Now some people have reached out to me trying to listen to more materials, producers and people from labels. It’s going to be good. I’m excited for what’s to come.

One motto Juan lives by is “Always, not usually.” I was a tad confused as to what he meant. He later explained that you should always do something. Not usually. Not sometimes, always. Now those are are words to live by.

Keep striving Juan. We support you!


If you want to check out more of Juan’s talent, follow him on his social media:

Like him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/juangalax.a


YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8fc64vW54A

Ashley Salas is an English major at Texas A&M University. When Ashley isn't writing, she spends her time creating original photography works and petting every dog she sees on the street. #dangerouswoman  She hopes to inspire people with her words and be the voice of many who are muted. 
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