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Make Way for Thanksgiving Day!

ATTENTION COLLEGIETES: The countdown to Thanksgiving break has begun! Although you’re probably wondering, “Why should I care?” because all anyone can think about after Halloween is Christmas, here are some things you might have forgotten about why you love Thanksgiving. 

Okay, the most obvious one…school is out for almost an entire week. Need I say more?

So of course, you finally get to go home and feel what it’s like to be a kid again.

 This means you’re probably going to be hibernating through most of the break. 

Aside from sleeping, you get to catch up with your family and old high school friends.

Probably another obvious, but who doesn’t look forward to a Thanksgiving feast?!

And since you’re having a feast, there will most likely be a lot of leftovers. You can celebrate the holiday all over again for the next 3 days.  


You can spend the entire day doing nothing but watching TONS of football. 

Or if you’re not into sports, Thanksgiving day parades on TV are a little cheesy, but don’t kid yourself…we all love watching them to get into the holiday spirit.

And the only exercise you’ll be getting in that day after all the eating is for Black Friday at midnight.

Then as soon as the day is over and you wake up that Friday morning, it’s time to put up the tree and start on your Christmas wish list.  

But let’s get real; one thing you’re absolutely not looking forward to is going back to school to get ready to take on finals. 

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