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As college students, we’ve all been there. You have a best friend from the four years you spent by each other’s side. But then you graduate high school, and one friend goes one place, and another friend goes another.

If you’re like me, your best friend decides to apply to a school in London, gets into an awesome film program (because why wouldn’t she), and has to move to another continent entirely. Even if your best friend from high school only lives a few hours drive away, it can be really tricky to bridge this gap. 

My best friend and I graduated from a tiny high school, with a whopping 28 graduates from the Class of 2019. Because of this, nearly every waking moment of our lives for eighth grade and four years of high school were spent together. We shared everything; our weird edgy 14 and 15-year-olds phase, our toxic sophomore-year relationships, and our emotionally draining and challenging senior year. 

When we graduated, I wrote her a letter, having no idea what our first semester of college would look like or what 2020 would hold for us. This is a sequel to that letter, a love letter to my best friend in the time of corona.


Dear ~bestie~,

Despite you living over 4,000 miles away, I feel like we’ve only gotten closer over all the garbage of this past year. While I miss being in the same room with you for as many hours as possible, I am also so happy that you’re in London. It could not be a better place for you.

I know life in London has been particularly rough, as the UK government takes COVID-19 seriously, and your school and social life have been less than ideal. You have shown immense strength and patience, more than I have ever known myself, in the face of such hardship. 

I know I tell you how much I love you all the time, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Nor can I express how proud I am of you. Your passion for life, people, and your art inspires me every day. 

I don’t think many twenty-year-olds are capable of taking on the kind of artistic responsibility you do. Maybe you aren’t able to see how impressive it is, but your guts in terms of putting your art out there inspire me every day.

I’m sorry that I am not good at sending letters, but every time you’ve sent me one, with your handwriting and little paper-cut outs or a cute card or whatever, it truly makes my day. I have all of them hanging on my bulletin board as a reminder of what an amazing best friend I have. 

This year has tested everyone, but you especially. I know that a lot of people haven’t been able to appreciate you as a whole person or see how special you are. That’s their problem. 

All love,

Your Bestie M


For everyone reading this and that is not my best friend, firstly, I am surprised you stuck around. But secondly, this is my call out to you. Call your best friend, send them a voice recording ranting about your day, Facetime them, or send them a letter. 

Our society places a lot of emphasis on romantic relationships, which are very valuable, but so are our friendships. My best friend and I are, as we say, “platonic soulmates.” Having a deep connection with someone is not limited to just those in romantic love.

And even with a whole ocean between you, your high school best friend can be your college best friend and your life-long best friend. All you have to do is remind them that they’re your bestie for the restie.   

Your favorite Aggie English major <3 Howdy! I'm Michaela Rush, a sophomore English major from College Station, Texas. I'm a lifetime band nerd who plays flute well and several other instruments poorly. I love to bullet journal, and I definitely have more stationery than you. I'm obsessed with HerCampus and always being busy.
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