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Have you ever just sat down and observed love?

On a park bench with the wind blowing through her hair as he holds her?

Lying on a blanket with their toes in the grass as she plays with her hair?

Walking hand in hand as he stares at him with heart-shaped eyes?

The smiles shared, the words whispered, the fingers intertwined?

Love is beautiful.

It is delightful in its purest form.

It is envied in its bond connecting the two, three, four. They are all lovers.

They are connected to one another.

Love is boundless.

It knows no shame.

Love is captivating.

It is enchanting in its deepest form.

One may find oneself being swept away before they even know it.

Love is fulfilling.

It does not leave one feeling empty.

Love is bewitching.

One is completely enthralled into the other.

He pecks her on the nose as they watch the sunset.

She gently sweeps a loose stand of hair from her face as she smiles at her.

He leans into him as they stroll along the path, his head on his shoulder.

Have you ever stopped and watched love?

Love is beautiful, love is mutual.

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.
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