Living with your Bestie

“You guys will ruin your friendship by becoming roommates.”


I can’t tell you how many times we heard this from multiple people when we told them that we had decided to become roomies. It seemed like the perfect idea to us.. we were together 24/7 anyway, so why not make it easier by living together? But barely anyone besides us thought it was as good of an idea as we did. 

Everyone was convinced that spending too much time together would either A.) drift us apart or B.) make us too dependent on one another. 

Gabby and I (Aqsa) became friends our freshman year of college by joining a student organization on campus. We clicked pretty instantly and next thing you know, we became attached at the hip and were always referred to as “Gabby and Aqsa,” a single unit.

Sophomore year rolled around, and we were with different roommates, but would always end up at each other’s place everyday. This is when we started discussing the possibility of becoming roommates. We had a feeling that we’d live well together since we had similar living habits and expectations. Regardless of that, literally EVERYONE told us that moving in with your bestie seemed like the worst decision ever.

Did we prove them wrong? 100%.


- Aqsa


If anything, becoming roommates made us closer than we already were. For one, we could carpool literally everywhere which made it so much easier for us to go to meetings, grocery shop, and study together. We also love our scary movie nights, cute little spa days, and those late night deep talks that last until 4:00 am. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Over the summer I was invited to Aqsa’s sister’s wedding in Dallas to meet up with her family and be a part of such a beautiful celebration.Then over this past winter break I took Aqsa to my hometown in McAllen for a jam-packed week of exploring some of the highlights of South Texas, and I even took her to Mexico! 

With the amount of time we spend together, some would think we get bored or annoyed of each other, but no. You can almost always count on our Snapchat Bitmojis to be side by side on Snapmap. I mean I’m literally sitting right next to Aqsa as I’m typing this. 

Some people are skeptical about living with your best friend. But I say you just have to find the right person to make it work. And I’ve definitely found that person.